Penny Vs Nickel Longboards – Which One is Good for You?

The main difference between Penny and Nickel boards is in their height, the Nickel board is generally five to six inches longer than the Penny board.

People find it challenging to find out the differences among the longboards even if varieties of longboards are lying in front of them because of having no transparent idea about the specifications.

Penny and nickel longboards are like siblings who may look doppelgangers, but both are different in several features.

So, I will try to help you out by providing the differences and similarities between these popular longboards in the most straightforward words possible. Hopefully, after giving a read for a few minutes, you will find it easier to identify the differences and features between these two boards.

Similarities and Differences Between Penny Vs Nickel Longboards

A person can be determined enough to learn longboarding but doesn’t have enough budget to get a professional longboard. In this case, penny and nickel longboards work pretty well as budget-friendly longboards.

Though there’s not a huge difference, many people assume that Penny longboard and Nickel longboard are the same, but you will immediately find some differences if you look at these two boats. These come in the same design and structure, but the Nickel board is generally five to six inches longer than the penny board. By only seeing the length of the board, you can identify which one is nickel and which one is the penny.

  • The trucks of the nickel longboards are a bit bigger than the penny longboards. Though there is a difference in the size of the widths, it’s hardly noticeable. The width of the penny longboard is 5 inches, and the nickel board is 6 inches wide.
  • The length of the penny board is 22 inches, and on the other hand, the nickel board is around 27 to 28 inches in length.
  • Apparently, both of these boards are made with plastic and can bear the weight of up to 250 pounds which are pretty rare in the case of plastic longboards.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Penny Vs Nickel Boards

  • If you are a student and face trouble keeping the longboard in your college when in class, then the penny board will always be the better option because of its smaller length; you can quickly shove it up inside your backpack.
  • You will find the penny board at a lower price than the Nickel board in the market. You have to spend at least 30 to 40 dollars more than the penny board to get a nickel board.
  • You can easily pass any crowded route using the penny board because of its short wheels and trucks. On the other hand, using a Nickel board may face difficulties passing busy roads if you are not a professional rider.
  • If you have longer feet –

People with more extended feet must face difficulties while riding a penny board because of a shorter area, whereas this problem doesn’t occur while riding on regular skateboards. Riders may feel super uncomfortable, and it will become challenging to control the speed limit because of the shorter deck. You may find the deck narrower than regular longboards, and your larger feet may not get fit.

Which One is a Good Board for Beginners?

You may get confused if you are a beginner about whether you should go for the penny board or the Nickel board. Well, I would suggest you go for the nickel board because the penny board may not be the proper selection for you if you are a complete beginner as it comes with a shorter deck and narrow board, and its compact size may create obstacles for a newbie rider.

Nickel board is longer in length, has a more expansive deck, and will give a stable riding experience, and you can even perform a few tricks smoothly and glide around the bumpy Road along with smooth surfaces. The larger surface of the Nickel board will help him to achieve a smooth gliding experience.

Preferable for Professionals

If you want to discover the new features or want to take a riding experience by using one of these boards, and you are in confusion about which one you should go for, then I will be suggesting you try both as you will get both of these at a cheaper price than the regular full-sized skateboards.

A rider can change the trucks and wheels of these boards like any other regular board in the market. You can find all the parts and equipment on Amazon and other online shops as well. Extra or better quality trucks will help you to ensure better performance of the boards. You can even buy additional grip tape sheets from Amazon if you want more stability over the plastic deck.

Its gripping quality is pretty good, and you will hardly find any board that comes at this price with such good quality trucks and grip on the deck’s surface.

Again, if you don’t feel like spending money on both of these boards, I would suggest you take some time and find out the preferable features you want to try, which will help you polish up your techniques.

Being a professional, you can go for the penny board because the first thing is you are already a pro, and that’s why you will not have much problem regarding the maintenance of the speed and balance.

A Penny board will give you a faster gliding experience than the medical board because of its lightweight and smaller size. Moreover, it is a portable board as well.

Again, despite being professional riders, many prefer more extended decks that are easier to glide around the house and the college campus.

Final Words

So, Nickel Board vs Penny Board is a topic of discussion that will entirely depend on a rider’s preference. The experienced riders can go for any between these two as both of the boards meet up the category of an average skateboard.

Overall, you will not regret getting between these two if you take training for safe ride sessions. Expectantly, the above writing may help you to understand the board’s features better and make all your confusion clear regarding boards.

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