“You walk, I longboard!”

Hi, this is Benjamin Herrington residing in Florida, USA, a passionate blogger, and longboard enthusiast.

I don’t want to make you bored by telling too many stuff on my personal life. Let’s focus on my vision and activities that you will be seeing reflecting on this site day by day.

Outdoorboarding.com is something that has been come into existence out of my passion for longboarding/skateboarding/hoverboarding. It is not always an easy task to write a blog post regularly. It can only be possible if you really want to make it happen. Despite passing through a busy life I will definitely try to make this an awesome information hub for you.

Gathering information related to longboard, skateboard, and hoverboard should be a piece of cake to you if you follow my site. My ultimate goal is to provide information that covers all the angles related to those topics. But I am a human being and not a mind reader. If you find any interesting topic that is missing and you expected to have that on my site, please let me know here outdoorboardings@gmail.com or send a message here.

What type of info you can expect from this site?

The ultimate target is to provide you with all sorts of information including product reviews. But initially, I will start by providing some basic but hugely useful information and tutorials. At times I will be adding the other articles.

When I will start providing reviews on different longboard brands, products (including components, gears, etc), spots, etc, rest assured none of the reviews will be biased towards any particular brand. I will only consider the quality, usability, and the acceptability of the products, not the brand name.

While my main motto is to provide useful information to my readers, it is NOT false that I will try to monetize my blog with different methods like putting ads. But your privacy matters to me. Read the privacy policy page for more details on how your data is handled on this site. If you don’t want to read that article, no problem 🙂 Rest assured about the privacy of your browser or personal data.

Let’s not deal with this boring page anymore. Enjoy the other interesting posts on this blog instead 🙂

Benjamin Herrington

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