(Top 5) Best Drop Through Longboards for 2022

Nowadays, marketplaces are filled with countless longboards, and it’s super tough to find the best drop through longboards for yourself due to the enormous varieties and features.

So, if you are interested in getting a drop-through longboard from an online marketplace, you have to be concerned about the must-have features of a longboard.

  • Ensures smooth ride
  • Must have a good quality wheel bite which will corroborate a comfortable ride
  • You must check if the drop-through decks are made with good quality maple wood.
  • Along with a drop-through deck, you have to get the one with aluminum trucks, which will help you get extra flexibility.
  • The board must come at an affordable price.
  • The deck must be sturdy, as, without sturdiness, it’s impossible to keep control over the board’s direction.

Keeping all these essential characteristics and concerns, here, I’m dropping the names and features of the most demandable and popular longboards of the present period.

5 Best Drop Through Longboards Reviews

1. Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard review


  • The Retrospec Rift board comes with high rebound bushings.
  • Higher speed and extra stability is ensured because of its unique design
  • The speed can be increased with time because this drop board has lower centers of gravity.
  • Retro surf styles classic drop-through designed longboard.
  • It should come with extra greeting quality because of its fully covered deck
  • The ball bearings have excellent tolerance capability and are best for running and cruising.
  • Gliding around everywhere totally stress-free as a result, it’s great for a beginner
  • The Canadian maple deck ensures extra durability while riding.
  • A 41 inches longboard with 70 millimeters wheels comes with excellent stability at a reasonable price.


  • Some riders may not prefer way too much flexible longboards like this one.
  • To achieve preferable flexibility, the bearings may need to be changed sometimes.
  • Consumers sometimes face the splitting of the wood of the deck.

Speed is a significant factor in the case of longboarding, as a majority of professional riders prefer a speedy longboard. This design is specially made for riders who prefer higher speed.

This board’s unique shape helps improve a rider’s power without having the risk of the wheels rotating.

The Retrospec Rift drop-through board flexes like a springboard, and the rider can post very smoothly because of its wheel clearance, and the deck is pretty close to the ground.

This longboard comes with a reliable grip, and you will get more stability while riding than the regular boards in the market. Most of the time, while riding, riders’ lower bodies, especially the hip area, get stressed; these boards reduce the stress of their lower body parts. So, your body will be able to move without any hesitation of falling.

The extra durability of the Canadian maple wood ensures the flexibility to glide all day. Because of its unlimited durability and flexibility, you can perform any tactic by using this board.

Some riders may not like extra flexibility, but the majority of the riders prefer days as a positive feature as gliding becomes way more comfortable in the Retrospec Rift drop through longboard.

2.PlayStation Drop Through Freestyle Longboard review


  • Despite being a board of only 7 lbs, strong enough to bear weights up to 250 lbs
  • Super beginner-friendly that even kids can learn longboarding very easily
  • It comes with soft bushings back and shares a comfortable riding experience.
  • It is specially designed for cruising, carving, free riding, and sliding around everywhere you want.
  • The deck is a bit concave in the middle, and that’s why the rider can secure his feet properly.
  • All the trucks and kingpins are adjustable.
  • Users recommend not to select any other board for a novice except this one.
  • The deck is pretty sturdy, and the grips are also vital.
  • Its soft, bigger wheels let the rider control the board and perform on any surface, including bumpy roads.
  • Beginners can curve better turns while pushing through their feet.



  • Sometimes the packaging seems chipped a bit to some users
  • The board may tend to bend a bit

The majority of the customers purchase this Drop-Through longboard for their children, and they are pretty happy with the performance of several months of the board.

You can already understand how learner-friendly this board is that everyone prefers for their children. The parents of the children and even the adult riders must wear safety protectors to protect themselves from unwanted accidents.

Reviews show that most customers love the board because of its sturdiness, and the grip quality is impressive. It is claimed that this board can take up to 250 lbs, but it might not be accurate in most of this, but it’s true in this case.

Its smooth bearings are tremendous, and the friction is also reduced when the bearings are in rotation. The preeminent thing is that the riders can adjust and replace the trucks according to their choice, even if they can lose or tighten the aluminum trucks. So, even if a part of any equipment gets damaged, you can always replace that specific part without buying a wholly new board.

All the users get free customer service from the company as well. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best drop through longboards comes with great features and service at a super good deal.

3. B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard Review


  • B BAIJIAWEI boards’ deck comes with maple wood and ensures durability and control while taking turns and performing tricks.
  • Best for freestyle riding, especially for new learners. Because of its high-speed bearing, which is specially made for performing longboarding at a higher speed.
  • You can indeed remain safe and protected because all the equipment used in the longboard is super environment-friendly material.
  • Users find this board most suitable for gliding and cruising around the roads.
  • All the bearings and wheels are adjustable and replaceable at a reasonable price.
  • 41 inches long and 10.2 inches width share a super smooth riding experience for everyone, specially for beginners who struggle the most.
  • This board is sturdy enough to take weights up to 285 lbs, which is pretty rare.


  • A few users feel that these boards need more pushing than other boards while gliding and cruising.
  • Sometimes the wheels may make sounds like crunching or scraping, which diverts the attention of the rider during longboarding.

Finding an excellent board for carving, cruising, and that comes with good wheels, metal trucks, and other parts built nicely is quite tricky.

But the B BAIJIAWEI board comes with all these features and is well structured. Most beginners prefer this longboard because beginners can’t ride a random type of longboard, so it’s pretty challenging to find a suitable one.

Many consumer reviews show that the users prefer this board as it is super reasonable, and despite being shaped, it comes with impressive features. In most cases, the users don’t find more extended boards when their budget is short, but this board comes with a 41-inch extended deck within a tight budget. You can even replace the bearings with any bearing from the market, and you can say to the tracks according to your choice.

Some customers even said that the logo is not printed parallel to the deck, but it’s not that much of a significant issue, I believe. Most of the time, a person doesn’t dare get on the board due to his fear of breaking the board because of his heavyweight. But there’s zero chance of breaking this board due to its ability to bear heavyweight. It’s already coming up with so many features at such an attractive price.

It is one of the best drop through longboards to roam around with your friends around your college campus, and the beginners love it so much that they love to have fun while carving, roaming, and gliding around their house.

It generally comes with loose trucks, which helps while turning, but some users may not like the loose ones. It doesn’t mean that a rider has to buy new trucks; he can even tighten them according to his preference. So, considering the price, you can surely give this board a try.

4. Slendor Longboard review


  • Slender drop through longboard is made with healthy material which is environment friendly
  • Its longer and broader deck is excellent for easy pushing and provide maximum stability even for downhill riding
  • It comes with durable wheels, which will make your longboarding experience more comfortable
  • Specially built for freestyle riding and is super satisfactory for people of all ages.
  • This board comes in multiple sleek designs and colors.
  • High rebound wheels are perfectly matched with the arts and patterns of the longboard.
  • It remains pretty sturdy even after taking a generous amount of weight.
  • Its soft PU wheels don’t make any noise while gliding on the road.
  • Can bear weighs up to 250 lbs and is fantastic for adults along with children
  • Users will be getting 7 inches aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Give a smooth gliding experience over the crack and bumpy roads.


  • The trucks may seem loose sometimes but work great if it’s adequately tightened.
  • Some users find it more flexible for longboarding.

Most beginners and professionals often get disappointed with the cornering ability of the longboard, but this board will not disappoint while cornering at all.

This board comes with a nine-layer cold-pressed metal deck which is super sturdy, and the riders don’t have to worry about extra weights at all.

The whole body is made of environmentally friendly material and perfect for people of all ages. Its high speed Chrome steel bearing and aluminum alloy trucks provide a super smooth riding experience. A rider can avoid any corrosion that may occur in local longboards of markets but using this longboard will help protect the rider by avoiding any hinder altogether.

Its PU wheels have the ability to absorb shock, which is created while gliding. If you are an experienced rider, you will know that shock absorbency is a great feature for a longboard. The soft wheels of this longboard don’t make any loud noise while riding on the road, and it’s a super beneficial feature, specially if you’re longboarding on your campus. So, it will be the most suitable longboard you can ever find to roam around your college without disturbing your mates.

This drop through longboard is specially built for a speedy and freestyle riding experience. So, you will not regret spending less than 100 USD behind such unique features and sleek designs for sure.

5. Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser Review


  • PU wheels are durable
  • There are super talented artists behind the graphics and patterns of the Volador longboard
  • 42 inch deck video works great as a shock absorber and provides super flexibility
  • It provides a smooth ride as good as it actually looks
  • Its highly bound washing lets you cut corners steadily, and the responsiveness is to die for.
  • Just with a slight push, you will see how amazingly all the wheels roll.
  • This board is produced in one of the best selling companies
  • The gripping capability of the is praiseworthy.
  • Get super sturdiness at a super reasonable price
  • One of the best longboards for newbie riders.


  • Some users may not find the packaging appealing
  • The bushings may get loosened up after a few rides.

Volador drop through longboard’s simple design attracts most of the consumers. It comes in a concave shape and in stunning artwork.

The 9 inches wide and 42 inches long maple deck provides enough space for the feet with longer riders.

All the types of equipment like the wheels, trucks, bearings are made with top-notch materials, and the board, including all the equipment, weighs only 6 lbs.

Due to its super sturdiness, the board can easily bear weights up to 220/250 lbs. So you can already see that from a teenager to an adult, everyone can write this longboard without knowing about breaking it down.

For a smooth riding experience, larger wheels are expected mainly by all the riders, whether beginners or professionals. So, it’s a pragmatic part that it comes with 70 x 42 mm PU wheels which help the writer to get the smoothest ride possible.

This board comes with excellent grip, so many consumers faced that its powerful gripping ability created slight damage to their shoes. Though thinking positively, it’s not a bad thing. At least, the board is trying super hard to keep the rider safe, which is a demanding feature to get at such a lower price.

Finding a board like this drop-through longboard is pretty tough; it’s like an all-in-one package.

Final Verdict

So, after giving a full read, I’m pretty sure you have correctly understood the features and characteristics of these famous drop through longboards.

If you are entirely a newbie in longboarding, then I would highly suggest you go for the Playshion and B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard. If you prefer a deck with a shorter eight from the ground, then I would tell you to go for the Retrospec Rift longboard.

Again, if you want a longboard with dazzling gripping quality, then you can choose the Volador 42inch longboard. If you want a superb speedy riding experience, then you can select the Slendor one.

However, in the case of prices, all the above boards are below 100 USD or around 100 USD.

In conclusion, not having a high budget for a longboard is not an issue; you can smoothly get budget-friendly and the best drop through longboards by choosing any of the longboards described above within your budget. You will not be disappointed at all for sure.

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