Become Your Longboard Doctor With These Easy to Follow Maintenance Steps

If you are a longboard lover, you should have a know-how about Longboard maintenance. It not only makes the board clean and attractive, but ensures your safety while you are riding on it as well.

So beside wearing the protective gears, your longboard should remain in the perfect condition to protect yourself from any unwanted injuries.

Many longboard lovers find themselves in trouble, when the question of maintenance comes.

Are you one of them? Then you are in the right place.

I will take you to a short trip where we will see a very few simple but effective tips about longboard maintenance. Once the trip is done, you will find how fun and easy longboard maintenance is.

So dear longboard lovers, here we go.

Basic Longboard Maintenance Checklist

Firstly, we are going to start with, how to clean a longboard? Cleaning a longboard is not a very difficult task if we know how to clean different parts of it separately.

1. Cleaning Wheels

Are you wondering how to clean longboard wheels?

Don’t worry. There is nothing much to do with the cleaning of the wheels.

You just need to make sure one thing. If you watch closely, maybe you already know that your longboard wheels deteriorate more in one side than the other side. So, those wheels demand extra care.

  • So make sure you are rotating the wheels of your longboard regularly, at least once in a week. This is the most important thing about your longboard wheels.
  • Try to avoid the contact of your longboard wheels with sands, rain water, and puddles.
  • Do not forget to change your wheels when it is too old or showing the signs of wearing and tearing. New wheels will give you an extra performance. You will feel like you are riding on a new board.

But why to clean the wheels, you may ask. Here are the reasons;

  • To keep you riding safe.
  • It gives you better performance.
  • You will experience the board as new.
  • It will add more fun on your riding.

2. Cleaning Longboard Bearings

Here comes the most important part! This component is the key to your better performance. What kind of service and performance you are going to get from your longboard mostly depends on the performance and fitness of your bearings. So you have to give it the highest priority.

It will help you to get better functioning of your longboard than ever before. And who doesn’t want to get that highly improved and increased enactment?

I promise, after following these tips, you are surely going to discover your longboard in a whole different level.

These below-mentioned simple and easy steps will show you, how to clean longboard bearings.

  • First take the bearing out from the longboard. Then remove the rubber shield. Do it with your hands very gently while removing anything. Otherwise, it can damage your longboard bearings.
  • Take a jar. Pour some mineral spirits or kerosene into it. Dip the bearing into the jar.
  • Move the solution gently. Make sure the bearing is also moving inside the solution properly. It will help the solution to reach everywhere of the bearing. Do it for a few minutes. It will make the surface clean. You will see the change.
  • Rinse the bearing with 99% isopropyl alcohol. It will clean each and every part of the bearing properly.
  • Dry the bearing with compressed air. You can also use a dry piece of cloth, a towel or a rag to dry it.

3. Lubricating The Bearings

While the cleaning part is done, you have to use lubricants to lubricate bearings. Lubricating your bearing is equally important with the cleaning part. Well, let’s see how to lubricate the bearings. There are different lubricant brands available on the market.

You can choose any one of them. But make sure you are using a good and trusted one. Good quality of the lubricants will keep your bearings more smooth and will increase the longevity of your longboard bearings. You can also use sewing machine oil or other light grease to lubricate the bearings.

Apply the lubricants properly in your bearings and see the result. Mark my words, it will work like magic.

Learn why lubrication is the key.

  • To get better running performance.
  • To make the running smooth.
  • You will get extra speed.
  • Decrease the dangers of falling in accident.

Longboard wheel and bearing maintenance are the two most important parts. Now you know about your wheel bearing maintenance.

Let’s move on to another important part which is Longboard Deck maintenance.

4. Longboard Deck Maintenance

Before learning about the maintenance of the Deck, we need to learn about two enemies of the longboard deck. These are very dangerous. So, try to keep your longboard safe from these two.

So what are these mighty enemies?

  • Too much water.
  • Sun exposure.

When a deck is soaked, it becomes weak and will break easily. So if your deck is exposed to moisture, you have to dry it properly.

In case of sun exposure, the deck becomes fragile. So when you are not using your longboard, do not keep it outside. Always make sure that, you are keeping the board indoors. By keeping it inside, you will safeguard it from sun exposure.

Here’s why deck maintenance is important.

  • Keep you safe from unwanted accidents.
  • Saves the deck from breaks and cracks.
  • Enhances experience while riding.

5. Longboard Truck Cleaning

Now let me show you a few steps of longboard truck maintenance and cleaning.

  • Detach the truck.
  • Clean the truck with fresh water first.
  • Use the sponge to remove dirt from the truck.
  • Rinse with soapy water.
  • Remove dirt with sponge again.
  • Next, wash it with fresh water.
  • Follow the procedure for both the sides of your board’s deck.
  • Clean the bottom very carefully.
  • Special care is needed for the parts where the trucks are placed.
  • Dry using clean and dry towel or a piece of cloth.
  • Keep the truck aside for two-three hours. By this time, it will get dry. When you are sure that the truck is completely dried, re-attach it with the deck.

6. Cleaning Grip Tape

Now, let’s clean our Grip Tape. You do not always have to clean your grip tape. But sometimes, it is needed to be cleaned. So you should not forget about grip tape cleaning.

If you ask me if it’s very hard to clean grip tape, I would say, absolutely not. Rather, it is simple and easy.

Let’s see the things we are going to use:

  • Nylon Brush.
  • Water.
  • Soap Powder.
  • Sponge.
  • Dry Towel or a piece of dry cloth.

Most probably, you won’t find any difficulty to manage these things. Once all the things are managed, we are ready to learn how to clean grip tape.

Steps to follow:

  • Take the deck and grip tape which is full of dirt.
  • Clean the dry dirt simply with the brush.
  • Then take water and rinse the deck.
  • Use the sponge to remove dirt and spots caused by dirt.
  • Add some soap powder in a bucket of water.
  • Apply the soapy water on the board and grip tape, and gently clean it with the sponge.
  • And then repeat the same procedure with the clean water.
  • Dry the deck of your longboard with a towel or a dry piece of water. Make sure it is properly dried.

We are done. Simple, ain’t it?

Wait wait, there’s another thing to keep in mind.

When the grip tape is worn out, don’t forget to replace it. If the grip is not working properly, maybe you are going to find your feet slipping. It can bring a very dangerous outcome. So if you want to avoid accident, never forget to replace the grip when necessary. It will help you to keep away from accidents.

Here’s why cleaning the grip is necessary;

  • It helps to give you a better experience.
  • Keeps you safe and sound while riding.
  • Removes the possibilities of meeting any small and dangerous accident.
  • Makes it look more attractive.
  • Helps the rider to get more grips.

Final Words

Now you know a lot of things about Longboard care and maintenance. So hopefully, next time you will find it fun while taking care of your longboard.

Proper longboard care brings a very significant change in your longboard performance. You can save a lot of money by taking a good care of your longboard. Plus, you can increase the longevity of it.

A properly maintained longboard will add more fun while you are rolling on it.

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