Longboarding In College – Why? Get the Answer with its Pros and Cons

Generally, we spend a significant amount of time in our educational institutions like colleges and universities. So, it will become much easier for you to reach the college campus by using a longboard. Once you start gliding around your home with a regular skateboard, it becomes pretty impossible to use any other vehicle for communication purposes. It saves a lot of time and money.

Again roaming around campus in a traditional longboard seems pretty cool and fun. As a result, longboarding will help you wander around your college campus, and you can even reach earlier than other vehicles.

Last but not least, if you have confusion regarding longboarding in college, then I am here to serve you with all the positivity and pros you need to boost up your confidence to ride around your college during your college life. Moreover, I will mention the things as well which you should not do on campus while longboarding.

It Saves Tons of Time

Whenever you try to reach somewhere by car or any vehicle, you have to spend a generous amount of time on the road. You may always feel bored and drenched out of energy when you have spent a lot of time in traffic jams.

Though you are doing nothing much when you are stuck on the road, you will feel tired and not get in the mood to concentrate on your studies after reaching college. And that’s why if you are skilled enough to ride on the main road and go to your college, you are welcome to choose a longboard as your traveling partner.

Perks of using a longboard is when you will find that all other people are waiting in the traffic jam and you can use the pathways or footpath for longboarding with its good average speed.

Ensures a Fun Ride

Using a board instead of other vehicles like a car or motorbike makes it easier to reach from class to class. You must maintain safety rules and regulations while boarding on the road, and you can also make friends with the students who practice longboards around the school.

As an educational institution is considered the safest place after home, you can ride safely without having the tension of getting into an accident.

You can even create a community together with other college students who are into longboarding, and the boarding will seem more fun and energetic. Once you gradually get to know all the routes of your college campus, you will find it suitable for a smooth ride and get attached more to the college environment.

Things to Follow

First, you have to notice and mark all the campus places where you can do longboarding and you can’t. It’s because silence must be maintained in some college regions, and you can’t violate these rules. That’s why having a clear idea about your campus configuration is super important.

Overall, you have to respect the college policy and regulations of the college campus and never break the campus rules. You just have to be skilled enough to maintain balance and speed while riding on the road, especially when the students are around. Ensure that no one gets hurt or has to face any unwanted accident because of any carelessness during your longboarding.

A Great Exercise

You will not get a chance to work out except by bicycle, and there’s hardly any physical movement in other vehicles. On the other hand, in the case of longboarding, you must perform different tricks and techniques via skateboard, which would require a lot of energy.

So if you keep practicing every day while going to your college, you can burn out a decent amount of fat, and you don’t have to hit the gym separately. It will help your body to maintain perfect shape and will save money as well.

Well, after hearing about all these things, you may have the question in mind, “Where will I keep the longboard when I am in the class?” 

It is undoubtedly a pervasive question with a very simple solution,

  • After entering the classroom, you can simply keep the longboard under your seat.
  • You can keep the board in a standing position with the wall outside your classroom to avoid entering other people’s walkways.
  • If you don’t want to physically keep the longboard in any other place, you can just buy a foldable longboard and keep it in your college backpack; no one will notice. Avoiding bulky longboards is a better option in this case.

Gliding is An Incredible Experience

Generally, the college campuses are way more extensive than our regular school campuses. After getting admission to your college, you may face difficulties knowing all the unknown corners of your college campus. In the case of many students, it happens that they finish their graduation but haven’t got the chance to look around the campus for a while, or they are just lazy not to explore the campus as there is no chance of roaming around.

Walking around the large campus is quite impossible, and the thought of walking a long distance takes away all the excitement of visiting the campus from the students. If you have the mentality to explore a new area and get to know about the location more precisely, longboarding is one of the ideal things to achieve that.

Is a Longboard Better Than a Bike?

There is a lot of controversies about which one is better between longboards and bikes. Well, in this case, many other students and I prefer longboarding over the bike because

  • it doesn’t require a proper parking space on the campus
  • Though the bike’s speed is faster than the longboard, if you stay close to your campus, you will not feel like taking the bike to the campus as it creates a lot of hassle during parking.
  • It creates sound pollution with its unbearable horn sounds, and only for this reason, sometimes bikes are not allowed on many campuses.

It’s not like you can’t ride bikes or take bikes on the campus as if you live far from your campus, it will be one of the ideal options for you. On the other hand, if your residence is not much far from your campus, you can easily select a longboard as your permanent vehicle.

To ensure a smooth ride around the campus area, you must buy a good quality longboard for college to help you meet up with all the ride tactics you want to perform. That’s why, if a student wants to glide around the campus, then he can go for any kind and range of sizes of a longboard.

Moreover, if you want to do some adventurous techniques and tricks with your college longboarding community or team, you can go for a pintail or drop through longboards. These categories can be the ideal choice for students. You can practice daily with your friends and roam around the whole campus area by making a group. Again, if you are a pro in performing different techniques, you can even fix a time in a day to work as a trainer or volunteer to teach longboarding to other students who want to be skilled enough to get a stable ride.

A Few Simple Issues You May Face During Longboarding on the Campus

  • If you are a beginner in boarding, you may face some problems while taking a turn on the road. As we know, it’s pretty tricky for a newbie to keep a proper balance while riding a longboard, so you must be careful or make the speed lower while taking a turn.
  • Sometimes you may face muscle strain while performing different tricks in which your body might not be used to that many new techniques. So, to get rid of unwanted and sudden pain, you can always carry a pain-relieving spray so that you can use one if you ever get encountered such kind of accident.
  • Again to avoid any significant accidents, you must wear a helmet and take precautions before riding into the college campus paths. Controlling the speed is also considered the first step of precaution and a slower speed will lower the risk of injury as well.
  • You will not face any restrictions in the common areas on the college campus, but you may be fined if you don’t follow the rules that must be maintained. That’s why it’s always better to be careful and follow all the restrictions properly. Using the college bike paths can be a good idea if you can adjust to the speed of bikers.
  • You may not find an excellent area to keep the longboard as there might not be any specific area dedicated to the longboards for the students. So you can get rid of this problem just by choosing a smaller longboard as your vehicle, and you can shove it in the shelf or locker of your campus.
  • You will find it really difficult to ride under the scorching hot sun on hot summer days. Even in the winter, during the snowfall, you will find it super challenging to ride with the longboard on the campus as the road may remain slippery, and the weather may become too windy to move forward. On rainy days, wet roads may create hinder as well. So whether it’s summer or winter in the case of extreme weather, it’s better if you can avoid longboarding. A scorching hot sun may become the reason for a heat stroke as well. As a result, it is preferable to check out the weather forecast before starting college, whether it’s suitable or not for a longboarding ride.
  • Everything is doable if you can keep a grip over things. Sometimes longboarding may become an addiction to too many students that they don’t feel about spending a single time at home, and they are always gliding on the road whether it’s morning or evening. Make sure you may not end up getting addicted to this, and undoubtedly, you can become an expert in longboarding along with your studies. Make sure that you don’t spend more hours behind longboarding than the time you should actually spend.
  • Spending more extended time in athletic activities may pamper your mental health along with your physical condition. It would help if you take care of your diet and make sure that your body is getting enough nutrition to produce more energy to do a task like longboarding every day.

Final Words

Last but not the least, a typical skateboard will always be a good choice for college students and a foldable longboard is preferable for everyone. The benefits of longboarding can not be described enough in words. You can learn better about your college campus environment and college buildings and you can surely enjoy a fun time with your college buddies.

However, I would suggest you not be scared and miss this opportunity of exploring with your college friends. After a few years of college, you will surely be happy by thinking about the days when you used to roam around your whole college campus just by lining on the road with a traditional skateboard.

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