Sector 9 Longboard Reviews

You know what? Dealing with a longboard is not as challenging as you think. No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced rider, If you get the right one for you, then it’s a cakewalk to enjoy the ride.

With that said, it’s equally a daunting task to choose the perfect longboard for you.


You have several brands and models to choose from, and it’s quite obvious to get puzzled to decide on one.

Don’t worry! Let me do the legwork for you.

I’m going to review four Sector 9 longboards in this guide. I will mention all the ups and downs of each of the longboards.

I considered some parameters for shortlisting Sector 9 longboards. Here are the options for my clarity – 

  • First and foremost, if the building material is reliable or not.
  • Is the weight beginner-friendly?
  • The quality, durability, and performance.
  • If this includes all the necessary features or not. 
  • How is the riding style?

Let’s start.

4 Best Sector-9 Longboard Reviews

#1: Fractal Complete Skateboard Review


  • Fractal Complete Skateboard is an eye-catching, stylish longboard with multidimensional facilities.
  • It is super perfect for carving longboarding.
  • It is built by high quality bearing steel for making extreme fun to ride and ensuring the heavy-duty. 
  • It’s an all-around high-quality longboard. Its 8 ply maple construction guarantees it to be strong enough for taking any beating.
  • This board allows you to excel in carving and sliding with its extreme flexibility. It offers quick responsive turning with a full balance and maximum stability.
  • Its wide 9-inch deck promises stability. The solid wheelbase adds extra action in this case.
  • The TS wheels and its high-quality standard rubber built exterior ensure better rotation and a fantastic grip. 
  • This one is nicely assembled. You can use it right out of the box.  
  • Straight out-of-the-box, the riser pad creates a smoother ride and protects the hardware by helping keep everything tight together. This would inevitably extend the life of your longboard.
  • The trucks are loose enough to respond in any direction.
  • Additionally, the Fractale comes equipped with bearing spacers, which guarantees the wheel’s wear and tear resistance.


  • Fractale may not allow diversity on rides at all. But it is still the top one for carving longboarding.


Are you a beginner or craving for carving longboarding?

This longboard sets itself apart from the crowd to serve that purpose well.

This Fractal longboard is a beautiful and fun board for your comfortable and secured riding.

Why Fractale?

Well, this is extremely flexible and ensures a quick response for turning with a fantastic grip.

That’s not all! Its high-quality construction of bamboo and maple offers full balance with maximum stability.

With daily rides, hardware may get loose gradually. But you can simply fix it in minimum time and energy.

This leads to a smooth, comfortable ride with security and longevity. 

If you are too fussy, don’t worry! It is available in various colors, and it’s pretty lightweight.

#2: Men’s Pinnacle Lookout Complete Skateboard Review


  • It’s specially engineered for an optimal carving and commuting experience.
  • It was made of five layers of bamboo. This construction made this one exceptionally reliable.
  • The overall drop-through design provides a lower center of gravity, which enriches stability and gives you a very closer feel to the ground.
  • It comes with top-shelf wheels to enhance your speed, and it ensures smooth rolling over cracks.
  • No need to assemble as it comes fully assembled. Just unbox and ride.
  • The drop-through truck mount makes the board easier to push and makes the board more stable. It helps you to ride more confidently.
  • Its directional deck and large cutouts allow massive wheels without wheel rub.
  • The combination of bamboo and maple construction makes the board light and sustainable resists cracks and dings.
  • It comes with quality trucks that are stable yet responsive at higher speeds.
  • It owns an outstanding bamboo deck, which gives a unique carving flex.
  • The Lookout’s deck has lots of moving space. So, it allows the rider long-distance pushing comfort.


  • It’s undoubtedly bulkier to carry. Although it’s a bamboo deck, it’s relatively lightweight for its size.


Well, you went through the pros and cons of Men’s Pinnacle Lookout Complete Skateboard.

I am recapping some crucial issues.

The primary material of this longboard is bamboo and maple. This combination is the most trusted one for the longboard riders.

The construction makes it lightweight and very much durable to trust.

Another important thing is its top-shelf wheels. It moderates your riding style and leads to fun.

Yes! This drop through longboard is best for carving and commuting experience.

The negative review I got about the weight of the board, I don’t think it is a regretting issue. It’s more extensive for the beginners and much comfortable for long rides.

Remember, you are making an investment that would grow with you. And it’s ready to ride on just being out of the box.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is its excellent appealing look, created by artist Erik Abel. It’s beautiful and inspiring. 

#3: Men’s Danger Fort Point Complete Skateboard Review


  • This Danger Fort Point is designed for hitting the beach or town in wild style.
  • It offers stability and quick turns with its gullwing mission trucks.
  • It comes with standard street-truck composition. That allows a predictable feel overall.
  • The combination of wheels and bearings offers excellent acceleration and tons of grip.
  • A five-ply, laminated bamboo construction makes mild flex. Enhances your comfort riding.
  • The set up is perfect here for a daily commute. You may taste the occasional head-clearing cruise.
  • No need to worry about assembling. It comes fully assembled.
  • The kicktail allows you to hop off a curve and has a very mild concave.
  • This fun board is designed for cruising and carving anywhere you go.
  • It would catch your attention with its new stellar artwork by Nate Reinke.
  • The size is beyond legitimate to cruise even to the most hardcore hills and dominate.
  • Simultaneously provides excellent durability for the long run. 
  • This one is perfect for carving and cruiser longboard. 


  • It may take some time to capture the speed with this fun board.


Love to ride wild? Then it’s the perfect one for you.

The Danger Fort Point is designed with a new “killer” graphic! It tells you to hit as wildly as you can.

Furthermore, the construction is too strong to ensure stability with longevity.

It promises excellent acceleration and tons of grip.

I noticed before; it may take some time to capture the speed if you are a beginner. It is a remarkable creation of Sector 9.

It is designed for cruising and carving to give you fun anytime, anywhere.

It gives you the freedom to hit wildly.

#4: Gaucho Ninety Five Complete Review


  • Gaucho ninety-five complete is designed especially for the cruiser longboarders. 
  • The beautiful graphics by Curtis Hadzicki made this attractive longboard one. 
  • It ensures to lock your feet into place with a medium concave and mild wheel flares. So, don’t worry about accidents, even if you are a beginner.
  • The seven-ply maple construction makes this one lightweight and sturdy enough to make fun a long time. 
  • A fully functional kicktail would pop it off the ground.
  • It has a nose to practice those nose manuals or get creative at the ride.
  • Setup is pretty straightforward. Unbox it and set the deck with independent trucks, Powell Peralta g-slides wheels, and Beasto built-in spacer bearings.
  • Excel your style, cruise through the streets, or slap down tricks at the park anytime!
  • The unique feature is Double Kick. Feel free to do tricks on riding. It’s open to making fun of its nose or tail.


  • Gaucho Ninety Five Complete is not pre-assembled. Don’t worry. The assembling is pretty straightforward. You have to follow the instruction guide properly.


Looking for a double kick skateboard deck?

Look no further!

You can shred with the Gaucho Ninety Five Complete to the local streets, skatepark, or cruise around the town.

The Gaucho Complete would make you lose your mind.

Did you notice the deck?

The deck is designed to lock your feet into place correctly.

The kicktail is fully functional to pop off from the ground and have a lot of fun. 

Okay! Gaucho is meant to be ridden, so do us all a favor and take it off the board rack!

Both the nose and tail are ready to take challenges in your rides. Slap down tricks at the park or cruise through the streets. The choice is yours!

Furthermore, don’t be tensed about the installation. It is quite easy, even for beginners.

Brand Overview:

Why will you trust Sector 9?

Sector 9 is a skateboard manufacturer, a subsidiary of Bravo Sports. From 1993 Sector 9 is manufacturing quality skateboarding equipment and surf/skate lifestyle apparel.

As you are searching for a longboard, it is needless-to-say, now it is one of the top-notch brands in the market.

Sector 9 produces timeless designs and quality. All Sector 9 longboards have their unique reasons to be the best choice of a longboard rider.

To be honest, all the boards have perfect shapes and measurements.

On the other hand, each one is specially designed for any longboard ride like cruising, carving, or downhill.

Either way, they always maintain durability.

All the longboards are made from quality materials.

And one thing to mention especially is, they are more affordable than some of the higher-end brands.

Final Verdict:

In this article, I tried to give you all the insights of the four Sector 9 longboards out of many other options.

Despite having a few hiccups, all the above longboards are from the top reviewed longboards amongst the riders. Most importantly, they are durable and lightweight.

I sorted the list based on my research experience in Sector 9. You can trust the order and see which suits your needs most.

Make sure about your riding style and purpose, then grab the suitable one for you.

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