(Top 4) Best Quest Longboard Reviews

As the market is saturated with so many brands and models, it’s quite a daunting task to find out the perfect brand.

Good for you!

Quest is one of the most popular brands in the longboard industry.

We know, for individual riding styles, the ideal size of the deck, and the combinations of the other parts are significant.

Besides the deck size, you will want to consider some other factors like –

  • The building material of the deck
  • Quality of the wheels
  • Combination of wheelbase, wheels, and bearings.
  • The truck’s durability.
  • Your riding style.
  • Weight, etc. sturdiness.

In this Quest longboard reviews article, I’m going to present 4 top-notch Quest longboards mentioning all the highs and lows of each.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

4 Best Quest Longboard Reviews

  1. Quest Downhill Slot Through Longboard Review


  • This performance board is perfect for both cruising around town or “bombing hills.”
  • You would appreciate this “Blackout” beauty as it offers a stealthy ride and gives a glamorous look and feel to your ride.
  • With a high-quality deck, it offers maximum stability and longevity.
  • The open-wheel design is distinctive and identifies you as a delicate person. And relatively, the wheel cutouts also ensure no “wheel bite” to guarantee your optimal safety at speed.
  • A sturdy 7 ply Maple deck with all cold Climate Hardwood enhances sturdiness and strength.
  • Quest has opted to make this board drop through. It certainly increases its stability.
  • It’s easy to push around and foot break with it.
  • ABEC 7 bearings ensure your speedy ride on most terrain.
  • Though it is lightweight, it’s a suitable board for even the heavier riders.
  • It’s reverse kingpin; aluminum trucks give you extra comfort and excellent handling on curves with stability.


  • The bearings are not ideal for a too fast rider.


Thinking about starting longboard riding?

I believe this one is the right one for you to start the journey.

Its deck’s length assures stability and also it confirms your safety. The deck is made of 7ply maple. That means it’s a very sturdy construction.

Not only the deck, think about the wheels, the bearings, trucks, and all the other hardware. All are incredibly durable to make this board beginner-friendly, and it would, of course, grow with you.

Let’s come to the price. For sure, it’s quite easy on the wallet.

Though it is a beginner-friendly board, ABEC 7 bearings are not so slow at all. However, if you are looking for a super speedy ride, this is not the ideal longboard for you.

2. Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Longboard Review


  • Quest Super Cruiser longboard boasts the perfect size to cruise freely and comfortably.
  • You are getting an extra benefit here. The deck is constructed with a 7-ply super flex artisan bamboo and hardwood maple. This is a perfect blend for performing the deck much and sturdier.
  • All the hardware is highly authentic to guarantee your safety and longevity.
  • It is manufactured with the ABEC 7 bearings that ensure your desired speed.
  • Don’t miss the trucks! the aluminum trucks made this longboard incredibly reliable and made your turns comfortable on the ride.
  • This offers great fresh arts to grow attention.
  • Quest designed this longboard as top-mounted. That leads to more responsiveness and high riding.
  • Its soft wheels guarantee extra dampening from road roughness.
  • You will not get a wheel bite.


  • The trucks seem too responsive. It might give the newbies a hard time to learn things quickly.



Are you looking for a pro-style longboard?

Then don’t miss this one.

This longboard is made with the best quality components and materials.

The most astonishing aspect here is, it offers all the great pro features at a pretty lower rate.

Quest made this the super cruiser longboard with a flexy deck and pretty big soft wheels. To ride with this longboard smoothly and more confidently.

As the trucks are made for a fast response, it may take a little bit of time for the beginners to control the speed. I guess, if you once get the technique, then it would be the best one for cruising around.

3. The Quest Super Cruiser Purple Longboard Review


  • The deck is constructed with 7 plies super-flex bamboo with hardwood maple. This combination makes it substantially strong.
  • Durability extends with the Wheel. They offer a super quality ride.
  • Quest made this one with 7″ aluminum trucks that are ready to meet your requirement of fine carving in the ride.
  • The trucks are configured with high-performance reverse kingpin to mark up the longevity.
  • On extreme turns, the wheels are capable enough to prevent wheel grab.
  • 44″ Artisan deck offers your free riding style with less slipping chance and accident.
  • Quest provided the original abstract graphics in this longboard deck to make this one special from the others.
  • The overall construction is perfect for naming it the Super Cruiser. Cruising around the city is easier now with this Quest Super Cruiser Purple Longboard.


  • Some users found it carving harshly.


You may wonder why Quest named this longboard like Quest Super Cruiser Longboard! Yes, I had the same question in mind too.


The Quest Super Cruiser Purple Longboard is 44″ long. The deck is built with bamboo and maple.

Moreover, the rugged aluminum trucks made this longboard sturdier.

Think about the wheels. Durable wheels with high-quality bearings take you where you need to go.

So, ride with style by its super curving capacity, and of course, the graphics are also quite pleasant to the eyes, in my opinion.

4. Quest California Native Spirit Longboard Review


  • This longboard features an open-wheel design. That ensures no wheel bite for your optimal safety at speed.
  • With its high-quality wheels, it offers a smooth and fun ride.
  • The deck is made sturdier with 7-ply all cold Climate Hardwood Maple. This would provide a solid platform to enjoy a comfortable ride.
  • As the deck is dropdown, it’s super easy to push and foot break with this longboard.
  • Precise ABEC 7 bearings are to moderate the speed. You can ride high and low speeds as you want.
  • Durable 7-inch lightweight aluminum trucks with reverse kingpin guarantee great handling on curves.
  • This 41″ high-performance deck made this one special from the others and reliable for both freeriding and cruising or bombing hills.
  • The unique laser-etched graphic distinguishes this from all other options.
  • The dropdown deck promises to give the maximum stability even at full speed.


  • It acts a bit unresponsive sometimes.


Why Quest California Native Spirit Longboard?

Well. Let’s recap some benefits.

Quest California Native Spirit Longboard is designed with a 41inches dropdown deck.

They tried their maximum level to make this dropdown deck much sturdier so that you can get a reliable platform with your comfort to push and foot break.

Wheel bite sucks! Its open-wheel ensures no wheel bite.

The wheels and bearings with the trucks made a smooth combination of durability, longevity, and fun ride.

However, this offers a less responsive and maneuverable ride. You can now ride in freestyle in hills or towns.

Furthermore, the overall construction of this longboard is precious to meet your requirements.

Quest As a Brand

Quest is a USA based longboard manufacturer company. It is a top-selling longboards brand nowadays.

Quest ensures that they are unique in style and attitude all the time being.

That’s not all! Be sure about its best manufacturing quality and high performance in every line-up.

Nevertheless, with these high-performance boards, you would get a more straightforward solution of transportation and recreation.

To complete the picture perfectly, all the Quest longboards have very smooth graphics and natural artisan wood finishes.

Admit it! Quest is offering fantastic stuff from California, USA, from the very beginning of their opening. The stuff they are always ensuring like –

  • Reliable boards for different riding styles
  • Large and thick wheels for reliable rides
  • Rigid and reliable trucks
  • Modest designs
  • Reasonable pricing

Final Verdict

Let’s recap!

In this Quest longboard reviews article, I’ve gone through 4 top-notch Quest longboards mentioning the upsides and downsides of every longboard.

I’ve written this article to cater to you with the proper knowledge of different mandatory factors of a longboard.

Now it’s your turn.

I hope my hard work will be helpful to you for choosing the perfect one from these 4 Quest longboards. You would surely enjoy a comfortable tricky, and protective ride with the Quest models.

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