8 Cool Pintail Longboard Tricks Explained

Before digging into the tactics, I would suggest you find a top-quality pintail longboard with enough foot space at first. You must choose the deck material wisely; otherwise, you may not learn the correct type of riding techniques and freestyle tricks. So, as a beginner, a sturdy and stable pintail longboard is an excellent choice for a beginner in longboarding because of its distinct features among different types of longboards.

So, who doesn’t want to explore after getting a versatile longboard in hand? If the board you got is the pintail board, then there’s no question in trying new tricks because its huge space is a great advantage.

If you are determined to explore your new deck more, you have landed in the right place. By reading for 2/3 minutes to this article, you can gather ideas to learn new riding tricks.

8 Pintail Longboard Tricks Explained

1. Fakie

A pintail longboard’s one large tail and another small tail, and aluminum trucks are suitable for this technique. It’s like a simple flipping technique.

While longboarding, a rider has to take a step carefully on the board and press with a foot on a tail, which will rotate the board. You can do this trick whenever you turn around or take a slight turn while gliding on the road. If the board is built with perfect sturdy bamboo materials, the flipping tactics become easier.

2. Cross step

Cross step is an excellent technique if you are into carving. It is performed while longboarding on the road, and you have to take a cross step. In the beginning, you have to bring the front leg slightly in the back and take the back foot in the place of the front one.

As a beginner, you may find this a bit tough to keep balance, but once you start moving your hands at different angles and keep the head a bit tilted in the forward direction, you will never lose balance.

3. Peter Pan

As a rider, if you are interested in learning dancing steps and freestyle riding in longboarding, this will be the best technique for you.

First, you have to learn to keep balance on the board because, in this same technique, the board moves a lot. You have to take a criss-cross step and run the board into the crisis cross direction as well. That means, just by doing cross steps on board, you have to take the board from this corner to that corner of the road. It’s a great ride style if you want to sharpen your dancing skill by using a Pintail Longboard with a wide deck.

4. Manual

The Manual method takes a lot of time to learn, but many riders may learn within a few days. Beginner longboard riders must keep patience while learning new tricks like Manual. You can surely nail this just by balancing your right foot and left foot on the deck.

For mastering the Manual, you have to balance your weight by keeping one toe on a tail and keeping another leg on the middle of the deck. The other edge of the deck will remain upward and about a foot high from the ground. So, you have to make sure that the board must not get entirely flipped. Once you are skilled enough in this trick, you can easily cruise around the block with your friend and perform this technique like other outdoor activities.

5. Lookback

You will surely love this technique because of its flexibility in the ways. You can do this in any form of your choice and apply your creativity here.

While gliding on the road, you have to take turns by moving your body while the longboard is going forward. To keep the board moving at a decent speed, you have to apply force on the ground with one leg while keeping another leg on the board. But you have to move your body 180 degrees and then create force with one leg on the ground, which means your face will stay in the back direction. This will help you to move forward, and the longboard won’t get stopped suddenly.

6. Ghostride Kickflip

Among all the adventurous techniques and tricks, you will find this one fun. A standard pintail longboard’s features will ensure a smooth Ghostride experience.

In this trick, you have to flip the board while gliding on the road. First, you have to get down on the road and flip the board with your toe.  The rider must do all these tasks while the board is going forward and taking a 360-degree flip. After that, you have to get on the board immediately after the board lands on the ground after taking a flip. So, you can quickly become a pro at the Gostride technique by using this Type of Board.

7. Tigerclaw

Though this technique has a lower chance of falling but this can take you out of breath for a while. Sounds interesting.

Well, to accomplish this trick, you have to push on the board’s tail while riding using one leg. Then, you have to take the board in hand and rotate it instantly after taking it in hand. Then, you have to drop the panel on the road like before and jump on the board to longboarding. However, it’s pretty easy as it doesn’t have that kind of jumping activity, but rotating the board at a whole 360-degree angle can surely take your breath for a short while as the basic pintail longboards are about 40-42 inches long.

8. Hippie Jump

You will find this Riding Style one of the most interesting ones once you get used to it. This trick is quite fascinating to all the audience; if your personal preference is to perform in front of the audience confidently, then you can go for it as well as learn it for yourself.

First, you have to practice jumping over any higher platform like a bench, table, or rope. In this case, you have to do slowly gliding on the roads at a decent speed, and when you reach closer to the bench, you have to slide the deck in the forward direction, and you’ve to jump over the middle platform. Then land on the rolling deck by bending your knee. This takes a long time to become a pro in this trick, but Pintail Longboard Decks are an excellent option to perform this technique. However, it’s better not to try Hippie Jump initially once you become a pro in other tactics and get a smooth ride.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got an idea about longboarding that by having a good-quality pintail longboard among various types of longboards, you can learn all the techniques mentioned above. You can become a pro by practicing every day, and trying out new tricks will help you sharpen your skill.

Fear of falling is a particular issue among beginners, but how will you learn if you don’t fall? First, choose any longboard type and practice regularly by maintaining balance and keeping control over the speeds. Make sure that your board works well according to the features it claims. As a result, you will perform all the riding techniques within a few days. However, there’s less chance of falling if you focus confidently on the steps, and in this way, you will get a smooth riding experience.

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