Longboard Vs. Bike commuting

The main difference between longboard and bike commuting is the preference of users. Since the beginning of the human revolution, people have been finding newer and better ways of commuting. In the earlier days, people used to walk for miles and miles without using any vehicle. Now, the scenery has completely changed, and people use multiple kinds of vehicles for commuting purposes. 

Nowadays, considering some essential features and benefits, bikes and longboards are the top choices of most people living in cities and the countryside. 

Especially the college students prefer any transportation between these two for commuting regularly. In this article, we will try to picture the difference between worthy bikes and suitable longboards for commuting.

Longboard Vs. Bike Commuting


The first thing to be concerned about is time. Time is the foremost thing we always have to keep in mind while traveling or going somewhere. A bike and longboard can be an excellent option for reaching our destination. 

  • To reach your campus and office on time, if you stay closer to your regular destinations, then commuting by longboard can be fun. 
  • You can practice and perform different tricks while gliding on the road without worrying about time. 
  • Leaving home just by keeping adequate time in hand is enough as you can even use walkways, and footpaths, for longboarding. 

On the contrary, in terms of long-distance, the bike can be an excellent option as you can ride from 10 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour easily if you live far from your campus or office. 

So, in case to save time, the bike is better than a longboard because you can ride the bike over the bumpy roads faster than the longboard; and you can reach your destination within time by riding a bike even if you live far from your workplace. 


In most cases, you will find bike riders almost everywhere compared to the number of longboard users, especially in the case of working-class people. 

But you will find quite a different scenario in the case of students. Nowadays, young teens and adults are inclined toward longboarding to a great extent than before.  

Bikes and longboards are available almost in all online or offline marketplaces. So, you can get any kind of bike or suitable longboards for commuting from here to there whenever you want. 

Nowadays, people e choose bikes over other vehicles like motor cars, buses, public transportation systems, etc., to avoid traffic jams and different gatherings. 

Ignoring unwanted gatherings and reaching on time using the bike and suitable longboard for commuting to your destination can save time as these are super available in the current market. 

Skills for Bike Riding and Longboarding

Building up legitimate skills for riding a vehicle isn’t easy, but in the case of bikes, it gets prioritized by the older generation. Children are always taught this bike riding or cycling skill since their childhood, and that’s why they don’t find it hard to communicate from place to place using a bike. Even if you are a beginner, you can start your biking journey by getting a decent entry-level bike. 

In contrast, nowadays, some parents are eager to teach longboarding to their children. It’s a bit tough to learn that bike as there’s a matter of keeping balance and controlling the speed. The bike can easily be controlled by maintaining balance and using brakes. But you can longboarding by

  • Learning to keep balance while gliding on a smooth surface. 
  • Knowing how to slow down the speed. 
  • Learning how to ride in the busy pathways. 
  • Learning downhill riding will help to ride faster, even faster than a bike. 
  • Learning multiple tips and tricks to make the riding experience smoother.


You can get a bike quickly, but finding a parking spot at every place can be exceedingly tricky. 

You must park your bike at a specific parking area before entering your destination when it comes to parking. You have to park the bike and may have to walk a bit to reach your office or class building. Many users find it hassling and inconvenient.

You can’t park your bike at a random place; though you may have a parking spot at your office or institution, finding a parking spot is pretty tough, especially in busy areas. You have to pay the rent on an hourly basis, 

However, you’ll not need any parking area in terms of longboarding. First, you’ve to find a suitable longboard for commuting, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about parking at all as you can quickly shove the board into your backpack or just keep it under your desk in the office or class. No more extra money will go to waste for parking.

Finding Suitable Paths for Skateboard Vs. Bike

You always have to select your transportation system on your own, depending upon where you live. Finding a stable and reasonable daily commute system is one of the most significant concerns in our lives. So, you should always rent or buy your home near to your office, even if you can’t reach there timely by walking, but a bike or skateboard can be a great help.

Whether you live in a less or more busy area, you can go for both options, but a longboard is always better for more open spaces. You can fully utilize your college campus areas by having any type of longboard.

Longboarding can be done from hilly areas to beach areas uninterruptedly. A beginner rider may perform and practice different tactics and sharpen their longboarding skills by practicing regularly. 

Having separate bike lanes work like a blessing for the bike riders around the city. You can easily ride 5-10 km daily just by riding a bike. Even if you don’t stay within walking distance from your office or institution, you can reach it smoothly. 

Physical Fitness 

When we travel by other vehicles just by sitting, we don’t really have much movement in our body. As a result, obesity can develop, and that’s why we have to be involved in physical exercise regularly.

So, skateboarding Vs bikes can be a topic of long debate, but both will ensure movement of the body. Longboarding needs a lot more pushing power and needs a lot more controlling and balancing power than a bike. Most importantly, longboarding is all about performing tricks and getting skilled at new tactics. 

Challengings While Riding

Now, we come to the part that is definitely an excellent concern discussion. If you are someone who loves to explore, learn, and go on adventures, then you will love to have a magnificent experience of longboarding.

However, it’s true that you can’t understand or can be an expert in a day. Undoubtedly, the learning journey can seem a bit tougher than other vehicles, but trust me, once you start exploring new tactics, and start practicing regularly, you will not come back from this. 

On the other hand, riding a road bike is only about keeping balance and looking in the forward direction. Though as transportation, a bike is preferred by many, you may find it boring sometimes, as there’s not much to explore in cycling. 

That’s why I would suggest you get both to keep in the collection. You can have an enjoyable time without getting bored at all. 

An Important Concern: Budget 

Finding a better vehicle for commuting within budget can be a significant challenge. Still, if you are pretty determined about what you want, then you will not face any critical issues. A longboard is such a kind of commuting medium that you can get one even if you have a short budget, like 70-100 USD.

So, you can already assume that a low budget will not be an issue in case of getting a longboard. There are thousands of longboards in the present online and offline markets. Just get one according to your longboarding preference based on the areas and performance. 

On the other hand, you have to spend at least 200 USD to get a decent bike. There is no boundary in fixing the budget for bikes. You may get confused while selecting one for you. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll get more safety while riding a bike, but once you start being able to keep balance on the longboard, you can ride it without any hesitation. While depending on the road, you can handle the bike speed using the brake. 

Brake or No Brake?

Now, you must be wondering which one between bike and longboard will be favorable for you. Undoubtedly, you’ll get more safety while riding a bike, but once you start being able to keep balance on the longboard, you can ride it without any hesitation.

While cycling on the road, you can handle the bike speed using the brake, but it’s a matter of concern that there’s no brake on the longboard. You have to become competent in controlling the speed of the longboard. 

Especially, in the hilly areas, it’s hazardous to longboard without having the skill of a professional longboarder. You can ride the bike in hilly areas without having the concern of unwanted or severe accidents with the help of the brake. You can easily ride kilometer after kilometer if you have pretty decent cycling skills.

Can You Cover the Full Path Daily Two Times?

Well, many people don’t like reaching their destinations, workplaces, or institutions all sweaty and tired. Many prefer a calming commuting experience like bus, train, or others. Therefore, they don’t have to waste extra energy by commuting using bikes or longboards. 

A lot of folks prefer using a bike or longboard for commuting, but traveling a long distance using a longboard can be tiring for many. Many people keep a longboard in their collection for roaming around their campuses or their homes but hardly prefer to travel the whole path using a longboard.

The main issue with longboarding and biking is that in the middle of longboarding or biking, the rider may not have the energy to go further; he may feel tired. Hence, going for a longboard between a longboard and a suitable bike for commuting will be a better decision for you as you can just shove the longboard into your backpack and get on the bus without thinking twice. 

Commuting or a Source of Entertainment?

Well, it’s entirely a person’s choice whether he wants to choose a longboard or bike for his commuting purpose. Many find cycling or longboarding as a part of their leisure time. And there’s nothing wrong if someone doesn’t use a longboard or bike as their transportation. 

Many start their journey in longboarding without thinking much, but once they get skilled in performing tough tactics, like the kickflip, fakie, ghost ride flip, etc. Longboard can be an outstanding source of entertainment along with commuting, especially for people, who are into challenges and stuff. 

On the other hand, biking is more of a calming and relaxing commuting system or hobby if someone’s really into it. Many often go out with their bike in the afternoon to spend a relaxing time while cycling; some hear podcasts, songs, and audiobooks while riding the bike. This helps to increase the productivity of many people. 

Final Words

So, you have the full right to decide whether you want a bike and a longboard or both together in your collection. But considering all pros and cons, both a bike and longboard can be the best choice for you as they rely entirely on how you want to utilize a vehicle. 

Last but not the least, if you find out your priorities in case of commuting, then you can smoothly make a decision whether you want a suitable longboard for commuting or a bike. But always remember to prioritize the main features if the vehicle has cost-effectiveness, safety, and time-saving ability along with other vital elements. Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose your commuting vehicle if you have any confusion between longboard and bike. 

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