Are You Riding Unsafe? Here is How You can Make Your Longboarding Safer

Longboarding is fun. A real fun. But dangerous if you don’t do stuff right.

But nothing to be worried as you can always protect yourself from severe injuries by using protective gears.

In this article, I am going to introduce you with some of the most crucial longboarding protective gears.

If you are a beginner then you may want to give extra attention here as I recommend you to use as many gears as possible. If you are an intermediate or advanced longboarder you may not find anything new here as you might have been using all these already by now.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started to know all the longboard safety / protective gears.

Here I am going to give a brief discussion on the following safety gears.

6 Most Essential Longboard Safety Gears

1. Helmet

I am sure you will also agree the helmet is the most important and must have protective gear for you. No matter how expert you are, without a helmet you just can’t use your board. Just no.

Why am I so serious?

Because a head injury can be a reason to spot dead and you never know when you are going to fall and get a head injury.

So when you are going to start longboarding don’t take choosing the right fit and highest quality helmet lightly.

You will find different colors, sizes, quality, designs of helmets manufactured by different companies, and choosing the right helmet before riding on the longboard is as important as drinking water while you are thirsty for saving the life.

If you are a regular downhill rider or freeriding geek, I recommend you to use full face helmet to safeguard you from all angle.

Several reliable brands are making top quality helmets nowadays. Some leading brands in this helmet industry are – Predator, TSG, S-One, Triple 8, Protec, and Bullet.

Buying a helmet of any of the above-mentioned brand won’t break your bank either. So go for any of the brands that I stated above.

2) Knee Pads

If you don’t want to break your knee then use a knee pad while riding a longboard.

Like helmet knee pads vary in sizes too like small, medium, large, x-large etc. It is obvious that you will try to buy the perfect size for you.

Knee pads usually have foam inside for your comfort and extra protection and replaceable hard cap outside.

Nowadays you will find low profile knee pads as well instead of the bulky pads. G-form technology is one that produces this kind of softshell pads. These will give you protection without affecting the movement.

Protec, G-form, Triple 8, Smith safety gear, Bullet, TSG, 187 Killer pads are some of the popular and reliable knee pads brands you can go for the quality products.

3) Elbow Pads

Although saving your elbow is not as important as your head considering the importance of the body part you need to protect to save your life.

But who wants to break his/her elbow intentionally? If you then leave this article. Because now I am going to introduce you with something that will protect your elbow instead of helping you to break it.

Like knee pads, the elbow pads also vary in different sizes like small, medium, large.

When you are going buy any elbow pad my suggestion is, give the breathability of the pad as one of the major priority factors to consider, and of course the flexibility, and the weight. These three factors are responsible to give you the most comfort.

Besides comfort, it is must that the pad needs to ensure protection. Ballistic nylon is the material that ensures top-class protection on almost any surface.

Some of the dominating elbow pad brands are – 187 killer pads, Triple 8, OMID, G-form, Protec, TSG.

4) Sliding Gloves

If you are a complete beginner and just about to ride your board for the first time, then probably you will NOT be interested in using sliding gloves. Because probably you are going to start your longboarding journey by simply cruising around the town or park.

But if you are going to go for downhill riding or sliding then no matter what level of player you are you just have to use sliding gloves to protect yourself. In fact, sliding gloves not only protect you but also help you when you are sliding in different style.

Any longboarding sliding gloves must have plastic pucks, the best ones have finger pucks as well with wrist strap.

Advanced riders may go for the cheaper ones but if you are someone who is just about to start downhill or sliding I recommend you to go for the high-quality ones.

Some of the top brands manufacturing sliding gloves are Triple 8, Sector 9, Landyachtz, Loaded, Rekon. You will get good quality gloves from these brands without breaking your bank.

5) Wrist Guards

Don’t mix the sliding gloves with the wrist guards. They seem similar but have different application. You will use sliding gloves probably only when you will be sliding or during the downhill riding. Otherwise, you will probably want to wear wrist guards.

Like the application difference between the sliding gloves and wrist guards, the construction of these two protective gears is also different.

Wrist guards usually do have foams that absorb shocks and protect your palm, wrist, back of the hand, and finger. Generally, the good quality guards are fully padded and have velcro to use the wrist guard comfortably.

Like any other protective gears, the wrist guards come in various sizes. You must buy the correct size. Here is a size guide that may come into handy during the buying process.

Small = Hand width 5” – 6”

Medium = Hand width 6” – 7.5”

Large = Hand width 7.5” – 9”

X-Large = 9” – 11”

While choosing one, you may consider the flexibility as the first priority. If so then you better avoid the metal included guards. But you want to ensure the most protection then metal used guards are something you may want to buy.

At the end of the day, it is your personal choice and comfort.

Bullet, Protec, Triple 8, Smith Safety Gear, 187 Killer Pads are some of the leading wrist guard manufacturers for longboarding where you can put your trust on.

6) Hip Pad / Padded Shorts

Another cool protective gear to keep you tension free while riding. Although using several protective gears sometimes may seem a bit overdoing to you, but I think using different protective gears will give you a tension free ride that is priceless.

To keep yourself safe from the groin, hip, tailbone, and thigh injuries it is must that you wear a hip pad / padded shorts during longboarding.

When you are going to buy any hip pad, you should consider two important factors while choosing one. How well it will give you protection, meaning how good is the padding. The other fact is how comfortable it will be, meaning if the material is comfortable or not and if the ventilation system is perfect or not.

EVA foam padding usually provides a nice blend of comfortability and protection. So you can go for something that has got the EVA foam padding. Flexibility is another issue you should care about as well to make your life easier during the ride.

Triple 8 is my favorite brand for the hip pad, but of course, you will find other tested warrior on the market like G-Form, Marucci, OMID, etc. These are all well-known brand in manufacturing hip pads.

Final Words

Beside the 6 crucial protective gears that I discussed above, you may also keep the ankle support and mouth guard into your consideration. As these two are not that important or nothing like must have gears, I haven’t made any separate point to discuss on them.

Another point. I saw some guys sharing their first experience of longboarding on different social medias without wearing any shoes during the ride. This is something you must NOT do at all if you don’t want to lose your skin.

Using protective gears is must when you are a beginner. Advanced longboarders may skip using some of them but can’t afford to risk their life by avoiding gear like a helmet.

My suggestion will be to use as many gears as possible even if you have to sacrifice your comfort a bit while riding. No matter how perfect your longboard components are or which best longboard for beginners you are riding, using protective gear is always a good decision.

Safety first! Take care of yourself.

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