Kicktail Vs Pintail Longboard

The main difference between Kicktail and Pintail longboards is that the Kicktail one has an uplifted tail whereas the Pintail deck is a bit concaved.

Among various types of longboards in the market, it becomes pretty challenging to go for a specific type of longboard. But if you are pretty determined about your riding preference, it will be easier to pick the perfect longboard for you. 

So, many people get confused between kicktail and pintail longboard. They can’t differentiate between these two categories. In this article, I will be talking about the differences in structure and stability of these two boards.

Kicktail Vs Pintail Longboard – Which One is Better for You?

Kicktail Longboard

The Kick Tail of this board is a bit higher than a skateboard, and it is pretty famous for its uplifted tail. For a smooth, regular riding experience, you can go for this particular kind of board. 

You can roam around your town or go to school by gliding on this board. Among all kinds of longboards, you will find this one a bit cheaper than other ones, and its durability is impressive as well. 

However, if you want to start roaming around as a beginner, it will become the right choice, not disappoint you. 

Moreover, it will keep you stable even when sliding at a higher speed because of its cutaway design. You can even perform different tricks and take challenging turns while riding. Its one higher end will help you achieve tasks like ‘Ghostride pickup,’ and you don’t have to face any collision even when you are cruising around at a higher speed. 

Kicktail longboards are considered one of the most popular styles for longboarding on the road. On a dull afternoon, you can go out with your friends to roam around your house while longboarding. Its lifted edge will help while performing freeriding and difficult freestyling stunts. This category is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced level. 

Pintail Longboard

Going for the pintail one will be the right decision if you want to keep sliding on the land smoothly between kicktail and pintail longboards. 

This board comes with enough space, which will help you by giving you a relaxed ride experience as these boards come with more bend. 

It is a nice surfer-shaped board by using which you can perform many tricks while sliding. Adequate space on the board ensures a smooth cruising experience, and it often makes turning easier. In most cases, beginners find it tough to perform different tricks confidently while riding flat-concave decks. But a pintail deck will help you maintain balance while sliding on the roads, and you can also learn to carve. 

So, for a relaxed cruising experience, there’s co comparison to pintail board. Another advantage of its bigger space between the deck and the wheels is, you can keep balance like a pro while taking any turn. This space assists you in avoiding wheel bite even if you have to take an unexpected turn. As a result, you will not have to spend extra money on risers. 

This specific board will provide you proper space for both your foot and you can do tactics like cross-shape, lookback, tiger claw, etc pretty comfortably. Overall, a rider can master any freestyle tactics like dancing, carving, and riding styles with this longboard. 

So, you will need the kicktail on the board to perform some tricky stunts and adapt a few problematic tactics. But if you are determined that you will not perform any challenging tasks like this, you can go for the pintail longboard. Otherwise, it is better to go for the kicktail one. You will find a top-notch kicktail longboard and pintail longboard within a budget (45-150 USD) from any physical shop or Amazon. 

If you want to get a sturdy and good quality longboard at a standard price, then you must go for the ones, which decks are made of bamboo-maple wood. Overall, a rider can go for any between pintail and Kicktail boards by keeping a few factors like construction quality, materials, performing ability, sturdiness, etc., in his mind. He can start with a shorter board if he feels it will become challenging to perform on more extended decks. It’s always better to ride in short distances while practicing; once you become a pro, you can go far. There is no compromise in getting an excellent Flexy Board to get smooth rides while longboarding in regular life.  

 Final Words

Hopefully, all your confusion has been cleared up from the above discussion. Depending on your preference of riding platform, tasks, and stunts, you can choose between kicktail and pintail longboards. So, don’t think much; once you start regularly practicing, after buying one, you can perform better with any of them without hesitation. 

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