How to Carry Your Longboard

If you are a longboarder, before going on a vacation, trip, or even to the institution, or workplace, the first thing that must pop into your mind is, how will you be carrying the longboard?

That’s why, I have brought this article, specially dedicated to you then. Just give a read for 2/3 minutes and get to know detailed hacks about carrying a longboard effortlessly. 

By Using a Simple Lanyard

You can attach a longboard to your backpack by using a lanyard. First, you must connect the lanyard clip to the shoulder area of the backpack. Then you’ve to wrap the lanyard around the backpack straps. Then you have to take the longboard 

You can attach a longboard to your backpack by using a lanyard. First, you have to connect the clip of the lanyard to the shoulder belt of the backpack. Then you’ve to wrap the lanyard around the backpack straps. By doing so, it will become easier to hang the longboard with the backpack.

The next step is the most essential step of this hanging process; you have to take the lanyard and wrap that around the wheels of the longboard, just make sure to do it separately for each wheel and you are good to go. This is one of the coolest ways to carry your longboard along with your backpack for longer distances. 

By Using Hands for a Short Distance

Nothing can beat carrying your own longboard! If you stay closer to your campus or workplace, you can just carry it in your hands. Though it totally depends on the size of your longboard along with its weight.

If you ride a lightweight longboard, then you can easily carry that to your short distant destinations. 

By Using a Backpack with Straps

Have you ever wondered if you can get a backpack that comes with a built-in belt to carry a longboard deck? No, right? 

This built-in strap will make the carrying activity a lot easier and to do this task you can get a Mohave Skate Backpack With Straps for Longboard from Amazon.

It can be an ideal choice for you because the users’ feedback has shown that the straps hold the longboard pretty tightly even if the bag is not packed full. So, just by spending a few minutes on online markets, you can get such kinds of bags for longboards at an affordable price and make the best use of them. 

I have another dedicated backpack on my list, especially for longboards. This board has come into the market with the hands of a skater himself! Can you imagine the amount of passion and ideas invested in this backpack?

This is nothing but Heavy Duty Longboard Backpack which is foldable and comes with reflective straps. To carry a longboard effortlessly, you have to make sure that the width of the longboard gets adjusted perfectly with the straps. You can easily carry longboards up to 9 inches in width. 

Another mentionable thing is, when you don’t have any need to carry a longboard, you can use the backpack solely. You can keep your necessary things in the small pocket of this backpack while gliding on the road without having any kind of tension regarding losing keys, wallet, or mobile phone. 

By using a shoulder strap

When you don’t want to carry a backpack but have to hold your longboard at some place, shoulder straps are an excellent choice for this activity.

Suppose, you are going to a distinctive place only for longboarding, then carrying a whole backpack becomes unnecessary. In such kind of scenario, what you can do is, get a dedicated adjustable strap for your longboard.

You can get shoulder straps at any online or offline shops. You can even get this Shoulder longboard strap of 150gm only at 17USD. You can also find premium shoulder straps on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. 

By investing this little amount, you can get a super durable and adjustable longboard strap and get rid of all the headaches of carrying a longboard to a distant place. 

Now the question is, how are you going to attach the strap to the longboard?

Well, my friend, I am going to write a short attaching procedure in short as well. Just hang on there!

  • First, you will find two sections at the head and tail of the shoulder straps. 
  • Next, you just have to put the board in the two loops of the shoulder strap 
  • Then, you have to adjust the belts according to the size of the longboard
  • Finally, just hang the two straps around your shoulder like a backpack, and boom! You are good to go.   

Last but not least, if you are traveling from state to state by driving a car,  make the best use of the backspace of the car by carrying the longboard. Just wrap that board using a packet or poly, and you are good to go on a road trip.

If you are flying from one state to another state, or from one country to another country, how will you carry your longboard then? Have you found any way to carry it? 

Actually, most airlines, don’t even get bothered about carrying a longboard like before. You can carry the longboard as a carry-on and keep it in the overhead compartment of your seat.  But a problem may occur if your longboard seems bigger than the compartment area. In this case, you can take the express shipping services. 

Longboard Sling vs Backpack

After reading about multiple options, legit confusion may be created in your mind about selecting the carrier. Which one can you get between a longboard sling and a backpack?

Well, it’s actually a pretty well-calculated situation. Suppose, you are going to your school or college, you have to carry your books,  and other necessary things; you must have to carry a backpack. You will find hundreds of backpacks on the market nowadays that come with a longboard carrying facility. Just carry the longboard along with all the necessary things you need for a day and you are good to go. 

When you don’t have to carry anything heavy or larger things, supposedly, you are only going for longboarding, a longboard sling can be the best option. A sling works as one of the best carriers for longboarding nowadays, with no extra hassle while longboarding especially on different surfaces like hilly or beach areas. 

So, you can choose any of these two based on your preferences and needs. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this article will come to your help in every possible way whenever you feel troubled by the thought of carrying a longboard. You can get carriers with sturdy straps, or backpacks with straps, according to your preference, and necessities.

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods and the carrying hassle will be sorted immediately. So, no more missing out on carrying a longboard while traveling or transferring! Find the best method according to your destination, communication, and time and enjoy to the fullest.  

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