Do I Need a Helmet for Longboarding?

Riders often wonder if they actually need helmets while longboarding. The answer is, ‘Absolutely yes!’. A helmet for a rider can be compared to water. If a person skips water for a day, it will become impossible for him to survive; in the same way, riding a longboard without a helmet will put his life at a terrifying risk. That’s why a helmet is necessary for saving yourself from unimaginable injuries. 

A piece of compulsory safety equipment

Outdoor activities are fun to perform but only with proper safety tools. If we get hurt somewhere else in our body, there is a chance to recover that, or you can spend your life without a hand or a leg, but have you ever imagined what will happen if you get an injury on your head?

It contains the most crucial body part, and it is super challenging to get back if something uncertain happens to our brain.

So, the helmet comes first when it comes to our heads’ safety. You can’t deny it for your own safety. So, the helmet is a must-have for longboarders to avoid all kinds of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. 

I can do longboarding miles after miles without a helmet- is it okay?

Many people believe in the mentioned motto, but a sudden accident is unwanted and uncertain. You must be well aware of your safety of yours. 

Longboarders tend to embrace new challenges; they love exploring new surfaces like hilly areas, highways, and many more, which is why safety is super important. To get the highest protection, you can go for a helmet like Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet for longboarding.

A strong longboarding partner 

It would be best if you got this helmet because of its impact-absorbing ability with the eps foam liner and abs shell, which ensures the quality and strength of the helmet.

Using this helmet has a high chance of surviving, even if you face the worst type of injury. It actually meets up all the criteria of a perfect helmet. 

No More Sweating 

You are sweating while longboarding is a common trouble. Many riders feel suffocated wearing a helmet because of excessive sweating. To avoid unwanted sweating, you can use this helmet as it comes with two removable sweat saver pads.

So, no more tension about excessive sweating. Its sweat-absorbing pads will provide the highest support—no more chance of avoiding a helmet because of excessive sweat. 

An Unignorable Section of Discipline

Sensible riders will always accept that it’s totally not acceptable to ride a longboard without taking proper safety precautions, especially, for newbie riders.

It’s often considered a part of discipline as a helmet will always work as a shield whenever you face an unwanted accident. Downhill riders must not dare avoid wearing a helmet, and this equipment will always work as a safeguard even at the time of a crash. 

But yes, whenever you feel like going on a ride around your house, you can get yourself a lightweight helmet at a way cheaper price than many on the market. You can check out the collections at online shops like Amazon, eBay, etc.

This question may come to your mind: Is it compulsory to wear a helmet just to glide onto a plain surface? 

My answer will be yes; the accident is always uncertain and unwanted. Why not if wearing a decent helmet protects your head from uncherished injury? Just spend around 30 USD and get a helmet like this one named Retrospec Longboard Helmet for Adults.

Even when you are gliding on the road at a deficient speed, other cars and vehicles are riding at a significant speed. So, it’s essential to wear a helmet to save your skull from uninvited injuries. 

Wearing a helmet doesn’t make anyone look stupid or uncool. Around 80 percent of riders take safety as a serious issue, and they always try to go longboarding with a helmet. 

Helmets for Children or Teens

Most parents find it challenging to make a habit of wearing helmets for their children. Little ones feel uncomfortable, but once you make them understand the importance of wearing a helmet, they will not step outside without a helmet. To make them excited to wear helmets regularly, you can get some colorful helmets for them. If your budget is around 40-45  USD, you can get a Retrospec Children Helmet.

Once the children understand the significance of putting on a helmet, they will not step outside without a helmet. 

Are You Getting the Right Helmet?

Well, it’s a matter of great concern that many riders can’t decide appropriately about selecting safety helmets. In this case, I would suggest you visit a nearby skate shop and research online about choosing the right one. 

You can get different kinds of helmets like safety helmets, lightweight helmets, skateboard helmets, and multi-impact helmets from any shop of helmets. But don’t take decisions in a hurry or don’t go for super cheap versions of helmets. Getting a certified helmet is a hundred times better than getting uncertified helmets at a cheaper price.

If you are planning to get a helmet from any online market, first, go through the features and ratings along with reviews of the users. Doing this will provide you with a clear vision of the helmet you are getting for yourself or for your child. 

Final Words

After reading through the full article, you may have gotten the idea about the seriousness of wearing a helmet while longboarding. Wearing a helmet or not is completely your choice but who will want to take a risk for his life? No one!

However, don’t think twice about putting on a helmet, even if it seems uncomfortable to you. It will surely keep you safe from any type of higher velocity injuries. So, wearing a helmet will decrease the incidence of head injuries among longboarders along with neck injuries.

My only suggestion will be, to wear a helmet, and keep yourself safe and sound from the severity of the injury. 

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