13 Amazing Places to Longboard in America

Are you a longboard lover from USA and tired of riding on the same places and roads again and again?

Thankfully, your place isn’t the only one trail for longboarding. There are many places you can go with your longboard for having a quality time.

That’s why I came up with a list of the best places to longboard in the United States. So no doubt, you will find briefs about these famous places for longboarding below. I promise, these trails will not bore you in any way.

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Best Spots for Longboarding in the USA

Here are America’s some of the best places for longboarding. We will jump to this top 13 list which starts with the gorgeous LA.

1. Los Angeles, California

The first longboarding spot that I am going to tell you about is none other than Los Angeles. If you think that I have chosen Los Angeles as a random longboarding spot to describe, then you are wrong. There are some reasons why I have chosen LA.

Guess what? The epic story of longboard started from the city of Los Angeles. Let’s listen to the story first.

Surfing was one of the most famous sports in America from a very early age. There were a lot of surfers in different states of America. And, they were very much passionate about surfing.

But there was a problem. They could not do surfing all the time.

During surfing, a surfer rides on the top of the waves with his surfing board. For this, a minimum size of wave is needed. But sometimes the waves were very flat and surfers could not do surfing in those waves.

It was a big problem for the surfers in America at that time. They got bored during the low waves. That’s why they were looking for a solution for it. They wanted to find out something new to do when the waves were low and flat.

Then one day, the surfers from Los Angeles found a solution. A new form of surfing was invented and it was called, “sidewalk surfing”.

The idea was, surfing on the sidewalks. They added two pairs of wheels under the skateboard and started rolling. That was the beginning. It became very popular among the surfers in California.

As the popularity increased, surfing board manufacturers started manufacturing and distributing longboards all over the America. Soon it became famous in other states as well. If you are a longboard lover, you would feel an extra thrill each and every time you are rolling on this city.

If we do not take Los Angele’s glorious history of Longboarding on count, still it is one of the best places for Longboarding in the world. The roads of this city are just perfect for riding longboards.

Can you imagine how exciting it would be roaming the roads of LA with your favorite longboard? The average annual rainfall of the city is just 380mm. And, the weather is just perfect.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your longboard and get ready to roll on the paradise of longboarding. Los Angeles is counting on you.

2. San Francisco

The Second city that I am going to tell you about is San Francisco. This is true that, all the areas and the roads of San Francisco are not suitable for longboarding but still it is one of the best longboarding spots in America, I must say.

The hilly roads will just blow your mind when you will roam around those. The weather of San Francisco is almost perfect. why I am saying, “Almost perfect”?

I am saying that because sometimes rain might come and dampen the fun of your riding. Except the raining part, everything else in San Francisco is just amazing.

Sweet breeze blows the hairs while you are riding your longboard on the hilly roads of the beautiful city. The natural beauty of the city will make you feel more alive than yesterday.

You will discover another soul of yourself during your breathtaking ride in this spectacular city of hills.

Don’t you wanna get a ride on the road and the hills where Steve McQueen’s famous film Bullit were shot? Or the roads where “The Rock” was shot?

I know you don’t want to miss the chance of riding there.

So, if you want to get a lifetime experience in longboarding, Welcome to San Francisco.

3. Green Lake Park, Seattle, Washington

Good luck to Newbies! Now, I will talk about a place which is suitable for trainees.

Green Lake Park is in the city of Seattle, Washington. This place is a heaven for the new longboard riders.

This smooth trail is just 3 miles long and runs alongside another separate trail which is a granite built one and specially designed for walkers. You have to face slopes here, but those are more-gentle and easygoing than other professional trails.

4. Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington

Let’s talk about another thrilling trail for expert riders.

If you never experience longboarding in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington; I would suggest you to think twice before riding in there. Riding in this trail is not only difficult for the new rides but also for the rides who are very much experienced.

In this 5 miles trail, you easily attain the speeds of 20mph to 40mph on the steeper hills. There is a slope where longboard riders take a steep uphill ride of more than 500 feet.

Can you imagine how dangerous it is! And if you have the guts, how thrilling it would be?

There are also some flat trails around this area for those who don’t want to take too much risk and insane kind of thrill.

So the choice is yours. But I can assure you one thing. If you ride through the dangerous trail, the experience you get will be life changing and worth having. You can never forget that one ride.

5. Montana and Wyoming

The trail is 21 miles long which makes it the longest longboarding trail in United States of America.

The south part of Montana and the north-western portion of Wyoming are connected at point which is called Bear Tooth Pass.

This place is the highest peak of the Bear Tooth Mountains. So you can enjoy your ride from the south part of Montana and north western part of Wyoming with a relaxing break in Bear Tooth pass.

So, dear long ride lovers, Get ready for Montana and Wyoming.

6. Kansas

Here is another trail for the long distance lovers. This place is called Kansas and the name of the trail is The Indian Creek Trail which is about 17 miles in length.

I know you are already excited. Okay, then let’s listen some more about it.

This 17 miles long Indian Creek Trail starts from Olanthe and ends in Kansas city. You can also start from the opposite side if you wish. The trail will give you some amazing longboarding experience.

You will find urban areas as well as deep woodlands through your exciting journey in this trail. Most of the trail is flat, so it will give you a smooth ride. But there are some fast slopes which will give you more excitement and thrill if you prefer downhill longboarding.

7. Soos Creek Trail, King Country, Washington

There is another trail in Washington State which is called Soos Creek trail. This trail is located in King Country. I will promise you an amazing route of 4 miles through the wildly beautiful woodlands.

The first part of the trail is very smooth and easy going. You will hardly find any slope during the first 2 miles of this trail. But when you reach the final part of the trail, you will encounter the most challenging part of the route. At the end of the trail, you have to pass a very fast ride.

So downhill ride longboard lovers, get ready and just beat it.

8. New York

If you ask for a popular spot for longboarding in the northeast, I will recommend you to go Ithaca, in New York. You can attain fast speeds very easily in a few hilly roads around this area.

There is a place called Lake Street. It is near the Ithaca Natural Falls.

You will get a steep stretch there and you can pick up your speed very quickly. Who doesn’t want this type of exciting ride around NY?

Just go and experience it. I hope you would find it enjoyable.

9. South Dakota

Now, let’s talk about another long trail which is 12 miles in length. At the northern part of South Dakota, there are Black Hills. Spearfish Canyon trail is located at Black Hills.

This trail is very popular for downhill longboarding. It has some very good and long slopes. You would find it more thrilling when you will pass through the narrow deep gorges and the narrow bends.

10. Portland, Oregon

Let’s get a wonderful eye soothing tour around Portland roads.

This mind-blowing trail is located in Portland, in the state of Oregon. You will find a panoramic view of the beautiful green lashes besides the road. There is a U-Shaped road which is the most attractive part of longboarding through this trail.

You will be amazed with the magnificent scenery besides the road while riding on this trail. Fresh air will blow your hairs and give you the purest form of oxygen.

I guess you don’t want to miss this opportunity, right?

11. Clearwater, Florida

Tampa, Florida is one of the finest places among the best longboarding spots in the United States of America. The beach is breathtaking. You can spend the whole day by sitting in the beach and drinking crystal beer.

The weather is a little hot, but considering the other facts, Clearwater, Florida is a perfect place for longboarding.

12. Pacific Beach

There are very few cities with beach are as beautiful as San Diego. Its beauty and food are not only famous in USA but also in all over the world. But there is another interesting thing of this city which many people don’t know is its Longboarding or skateboarding.

San Diego has one of the most famous and well known skateboarding communities in U.S. You will find a lot of passionate longboard riders rolling through the coastline of the city every day.

So, don’t be late. Take a trip to San Diego pacific Beach and take your longboarding experience in a whole new level.

Don’t forget to take a break during Sunset and enjoy the unspeakable beauty of it.

You should remember one more thing, do taste the amazing Mexican sea food and fish tacos when you get tired of riding.

13. Miami

If I start talking about the beauty of the Miami, I can speak all the night and you would never fail to fall in love with the city.

But besides the natural beauty and the magnificent weather of Miami, there is another interesting part of this city which is Longboarding. You would find a lot of exciting places around the city to longboard.

So dear longboard lovers, come to Miami and enjoy a relaxing stay with and extraordinary longboarding experience in this heaven on earth.

Final Words

Now that you know the best places to longboard, your preference may change due to the unique characteristics of those places.

In Los Angeles, you would get an amazing longboarding experience along with the modern city. San Francisco is a heaven for both who loves natural beauty and who loves getting longboarding experience in hilly roads.

You will get the beach and the shoreline skating experience in the cities like Miami, Pacific beach, and Clearwater in Florida. If you want long and exciting trails, places in Washington are waving at you.

Montana would give you the experience of longest longboarding ride.

I hope you would spend some amazing time there with your longboard and longboard mates.

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