(Top 5) Best Pintail Longboards Reviews for 2022

While finding a perfect longboard, new riders often fall into a dilemma about the category they should choose. The maximum number of riders prefer the pintail longboard because of its perfectly shaped deck, which is higher than the ground. So, keeping that in mind, here, I have listed out the top five best pintail longboards of the market, which will help you to find out the best one for you.

Prioritized features and characteristics:

  • Best wheel clearance.
  • A longer and broader deck
  • Smooth gliding ability
  • Affordability
  • Attractive designs and graphics
  • Clean finishing
  • Weight-bearing capability
  • Packaging and services provided by the company

Prioritizing these features will surely give you a basic idea about the pintail longboard and its quality components. If you have a tight budget and want a quality product, I got your back. All the boards mentioned in this article will not tear your pocket and give you better service for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Give a read to this writing and select the best pintail design for you.

5 Best Pintail Longboards Reviews

1. Seething 42 Inch Longboard


  • This longboard deck is super sturdy and stable.
  • Specially built for unsurpassed smooth rides on all types of grounds.
  • This longboard is made with all top-notch materials.
  • The board’s longboard trucks, bearings, bushings, and eye-catching designs provide a positive vibe.
  • This board comes in pre-installed conditions, and you don’t have to spend extra time assembling the parts.
  • Apparently, it takes zero minutes to install, so it saves pretty good time.
  • Seething skateboards come at a super reasonable price with exquisite features.
  • The painting designs of the upper portion and the bottom part will surely attract you to these pintail longboard decks.



  • Sometimes, pushing the wheels while gliding may cause a trip-off.
  • The deck is not bent much though many riders love this feature.


In the case of any type of product, customer experience is given the highest priority. Customer feedback shows that this pintail longboard can bear weights up to 330 lbs. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Its remarkable features will surely drive you crazy. This Seething Longboard is super durable and gives a relaxed riding feel because of its PU bushings and kingpin trucks.

The graphics and creativity of designs you will find on the board will certainly make you stunned. The gripping ability of this board is impressive. The most beautiful thing about this board is its waterproof anti-skidding paper provides a trouble-free riding experience without having a fear of slipping away from the board.

Another thing that must be mentioned is that this board comes fully assembled, and that’s why it’s an excellent gift for your dear ones from family along with friends. The maximum number of people avoid longboards because of the hassle of assembling but in this case, there is no chance of saying ‘No’ to this board as it already comes in preassembled mode. This is one of the most favorable characteristics every rider cherishes.

Even if you are a newbie rider, it’s an excellent choice for you because its 42-inch deck will provide you with enough space and proper control while riding or performing any trick.

2. Retrospec Zed Longboard


  • Retrospec Zed Longboard is a pintail longboard with anti-bite technology which avoids wheel bite.
  • Polyurethane wheels come with shock-absorbent ability, giving super higher speed.
  • Enough space on the board.
  • The deck is constructed with higher quality maple wood and is highly suitable for all kinds of weather.
  • Good quality bearings with higher tolerance capability ensure safe riding even when you’ll be performing tricks.
  • Super easy to move back and forth.
  • A stunning well built board at a reasonable price.
  • This provides excellent stability for beginners.
  • People of all ages choose this pintail longboard due to its flexibility.
  • Substantial deck carves like butter.


  • Trucks may need some adjustments before riding.
  • The plastic packaging seems to annoy many users as the hard equipment needs to be opened to remove the plastic.
  • All users may not like the squeaked sound of this board.

Finding the best pintail longboards can be the most complex challenge for buyers. But the positive feedback of the customers on this board will surely blow out your mind.

Everyone loves the flexibility, smoothness, and controlling power while riding. Everyone can get this board from children to adults without the tension of falling frequently, so, undoubtedly, it is super novice-friendly.

Forty-one inches longer and nine inches wide deck helps you to balance your feet at the time of gliding around the rough surface. Polyurethane wheels of this board provide the smoothest gliding experience ever as there is hardly a scope of falling due to shock-absorbent ability.

You can adjust the trucks and wheels whenever you want. The deck and the equipment are super sturdy and can run against any surface like hills, bumpy roads, etc. So, if you’re an adventurous rider and want to explore more of the places, then this board can be the best buddy for you.

This pintail longboard serves a surfer board-inspired look, and its unique shape off deck doesn’t get ruined by the crashing and carving due to higher speed. This wheelbite feature is cherished by all the writers out there. Its specially designed wheels and kingpin trucks soak up all the harshness of the road and will give you complete control over the board.

Overall, it’s an excellent longboard for riders of all ages and people hardly get a chance to complain as the company provides all the necessary services you’ll need.

3. White Wave Bamboo Longboard


  • White wave bamboo longboard comes in a unique design.
  • Super good quality at an affordable price.
  • This pintail longboard glides like butter even on bumpy roads.
  • Strong see-through grip tape helps to keep balance.
  • Other components are a super quality full along with the deck.
  • The graphics logo won’t fade away.
  • The deck is made with Canadian maple and bamboo wood.
  • The deck comes with a natural wood design which will give you a feeling of raw timber.
  • The color of the deck is caramelized and glossy.
  • The aluminum trucks are strong enough to hold the deck firmly.
  • Durable bearings.
  • Oversized ribbed wheels ensure a smooth ride.


  • Some users don’t find the wheels to spin for a long time.
  • The standing platform may not be most comfortable for a long time, but it comes with incredible gripping capacity.

White wave longboards are the produced product of a small family-owned business. So, there is hardly any doubt about the quality and finishing. The products are made with all care and love and come in super good quality. This company has all the options for cruiser, pintail, and warrior. The pintail deck is 40 inches longer and 10.6 inches wide and one of the best pintail longboards.

For any type of pintail longboard, wheels are an essential component. You will be getting custom-designed Hooligan wheels to ensure the smoothest ride possible. Durability is another super important feature, and only good-quality wheels, bearings, and trucks can provide durability while gliding around the house.

The bearings roll smoothly and without any kind of disturbing noise. The softness of wheels and Hellion bearings avoid harsh resistance.

According to much customer feedback, it’s actually a specialized board for people of all ages, including taller riders. Reviews show that anyone up to 320 LBS can ride this board easily and lasts for many years if adequately maintained. According to its affordable price, it provides quite a good longboarding experience.

This white wave longboard is fantastic for downhill riding, and it takes impressive turns compared to its length. You will find a layer of grip tape that helps to keep balance, and the soft wheels turn super smoothly without making any extra disturbing noise.

4. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard


  • A longboard made with all-natural materials.
  • The deck is made with two types of wood, the top one is bamboo, and the bottom is built with maple wood.
  • The deck is super long, around 44 inches 9 inches wide, perfect for quizzing and skating.
  • Perfect for every kind of riding style.
  • Extra soft wheels ensure a smooth riding experience while riding over bumpy roads.
  • Trucks made with gravity cast aluminum ensures the highest durability.
  • It is specially designed by regular skaters who prioritize quality over everything.
  • The bamboo top of the deck is built with a sand grit type finishing which is an excellent replacement for the grip tape.
  • The natural wood color gives a great look of the smooth finishing.
  • This is an astounding board for the newbie riders who have a fear of mainly falling.


  • Sometimes adjustments are needed for the trucks because it causes problems while carving.
  • Riders with leg fatigue sometimes face hassles due to the height of the board from the ground.

The professional skaters specially make a Magneto cruiser longboard, and while building the longboard, they were highly inspired by the birthplace of longboarding in Southern California. And that’s why you will find this board quite fascinating in all its natural wooden form.

You can clearly see the raw materials and the colors of wood. It will surely give you a positive vibe about its ethnicity. The simple design and natural wooden finish will attract you to give a try to this stunning longboard. The kicktail of this longboard is super functional for all kinds of writing styles and perfectly designed for cruising around your campus along with the town.

Durability is a significant feature for any kind of longboard. And this durability mostly depends on the trucks and bushings along with the deck quality. The company uses gravity cast aluminum on the trucks to provide the highest durability, and the medium stiffness of bushings provides an amazing cruising experience. Longboard will offer a flexible riding experience with its softest wheels, even on a bumpy road or base.

However, sometimes it becomes tougher to find the best pintail longboard among various ones in the market, but if you’re more into outdoor activities and trying new techniques, then getting this board will be the best option, I would say. The slight kicktail shape is suitable for performing various tactics and tricks using this drop-through longboard.

5. Quest “Totem Longboard Skateboard


  • You will get a unique graphic design
  • One of the best longboard decks for cruising
  • A sturdy 8.25 inches wide and 36 inches long maple deck
  • Its neo-classic beauty will surely attract everyone around you
  • Can take weights up to 200 lbs.
  • It comes in entirely new condition at a super reasonable price
  • Can cruise several miles using the Quest Totem longboard without having any trouble
  • The whole board works really well against all kinds of bumps and tough frictions.
  • Its grooved design is specially built for novice riders.
  • Change and adjust the bearings whenever you want.


  • Some users say that the wheels quickly turn darker after riding a few miles.
  • The wrapped plastic seems pretty challenging to remove from the deck.

The extraordinary tribal graphic design will surely captivate anyone who will see the design. Most importantly, the board has a kicktail behind that helps the rider enjoy a super stable right for carving and cruising. You can take this pintail-shaped board anywhere you want, whether it’s beside the beach or around town.

This pintail-shaped longboard will surely give you an ethnic vibe with its symmetrical design over the furnished bamboo and maple deck. You can make this board a part of your all kinds of experiments and adventures. The straightforwardness of the design and the shape will inspire you to perform better and explore new riding techniques.

Now let’s give attention to its pricing, and to me, it’s always about getting better quality within budget. At such a reasonable price, you will hardly find this kind of neat and clean, well-furnished wooden board with such great design. If you are not into longer boards like the other ones I have suggested, then this one’s for you. Its 36 inches deck shapes the whole riding direction.

It comes with 80a super durable PU wheels, and its unimaginably lightweight black aluminum trucks give a smooth downhill riding experience. So, you can already assume that it’s one of the best pintail longboards among various types of longboards in the market.

Final Words

The above list of pintail longboards is given based on experienced and beginner riders’ probable preferences. Generally, getting a relaxed ride is the main priority of the riders, and that’s why getting all essential features are extremely important.

If your first priority is getting a wood-based natural-looking pintail board, then you can choose any among the third, fourth, and fifth ones. If you want a super longboard, then any between the first and fourth one is good to go, and any board among these five can be the best choice for beginners. Basically, you need to find the right one for you by prioritizing the features and specialties you want on your board.

Hopefully, these brief descriptions about the top-rated pintail longboards will make it easier for you to make the decisions confidently. Consequently, you can pick a classic design for yourself or gift it to others.

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