(Top 5) Best Longboards for Freestyle and Dancing Reviews for 2022 – With Buying Guide

Freestyle longboarding or dancing symbolizes the highest skill and control of the riders and also their ability to balance.

But unlike other longboards for regular commuting or cruising, a freestyle or dancing longboard is quite different.

It requires the longboard to have some specific characteristics and also needs to be sturdy and durable enough to take up all the falls and crashes on the ground.

But a good Dancer longboard is a bit difficult to come across. However, it is not so difficult if you know what you are looking for.

So this is why I have decided to give you a detailed overview of the five best longboards for freestyle and dancing here. These Longboards are durable, responsive, and also relatively stable.

5 Best Longboards for Freestyle and Dancing Reviews

AODI 46″ longboard Review


  • This AODI longboard’s deck is 10 inches in width, so it provides ample space for the feet while doing tricks or dancing. That is very important for longboards for freestyle and dancing as it lets the rider place back their feet without having to look.
  • The deck is designed to significantly reduce the road’s vibration, so you won’t feel any lumps or bumps while dancing with this board.
  • This AODI longboard is a perfect longboard to do tricks for beginners as it lets you do tricks without losing your balance, and it is quite comfortable to slide.
  • It weighs 7.94 pounds, which is relatively less compared to other longboards for tricks, so you can carry it around with your bare hands once you are done.
  • The wheels come with a shock-absorbing ring, so it won’t let you go off balance while doing tricks or dancing even on the most difficult terrains; also, the bearing is quite smooth and doesn’t even need any fine-tuning.
  • it can hold a maximum load of 250 pounds, so it is quite suitable for adult longboard dancers to get their longboard tricks like dancing or doing freestyle riding


  • The only downside of this excellent longboard for freestyle and dancing is that they are better suitable for beginners.


This AODI 46″ longboard is built with such precision and sturdiness, which is quite suitable for riders who are getting started with doing tricks or riding freestyle. It can take a lot of beating, and its truck and wheel’s responsiveness makes it one of the Best longboards for tricks.

Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Review


  • This Bhangra Bamboo Longboard from a loaded board has a mild concave is perfect as it is not too deep or too flat. So it is quite well suitable to provide excellent edge control without interfering with the foot.
  • Its large nose and tail with high-quality grip tape will provide you with great control over the board to do quite advanced tricks.
  • This Bhangra Bamboo Longboard is made by mixing very high-quality materials such as wood, bamboo, and basalt. That makes the deck one of the best decks to have in a freestyle longboard, as its advanced aerodynamics is perfect for fancy footwork and freestyle tricks.
  • It is among the best longboards for freestyle for both heavier riders and aggressive freestyle tricksters as it has two different flexes for both lightweight and also heavy riders.
  • Now, as for its trucks, this board truck has hit what I should call the sweet spot for a perfect longboard for freestyle. Its 180mm trucks deliver smooth and controlled turning and response, which is necessary for dancing, freestyling, and even carving.
  • The wheels come with a hardness of 77a, which lets it have the required grip along with the pace needed for doing advanced tricks.


  • The only negative aspect you can find about this excellent quality longboard for freestyle and dancing is that it is a bit costly.


The best thing about this excellent longboard for freestyle and dancing is that it is available in 2 different flexes. Flex 1 is made with extra bamboo for adding stiffness, which is ideal for heavier and adult riders. Flex 2 is better suitable for lightweight or riders who are relatively younger.

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Review


  •  Its 46 inches wide deck is specifically designed for cruising and dancing and a perfect dancer board as it is made of high-quality materials such as bamboo and fiberglass
  • The way it’s constructed, this longboard’s deck has the perfect flex for freestyle dancing or doing tricks.
  • The fiberglass in the deck adds extra strength and required durability. A longboard for tricks should have as it will take a lot of beating on the road.
  • It features dual kick tails that make this board perfect for doing most of the advanced tricks out there or doing just dancing or riding freestyle as you may want to.
  • The trucks are wide enough and have excellent stability along with required responsiveness for doing freestyle and dancing. You can cut and turn around the corners at such high speed, which is impossible with other longboards for freestyle and dancing.
  • It can load up to as much as 275lb of weights, so it is quite suitable for lightweight younger riders and heavier riders alike.
  • As Wheels are the single most crucial part for longboards for freestyle and dancing, it has a perfect wheelset. It is 70mm in width and 78A when it comes to softness, combined with its excellent grip on the surface; These wheels provide a smooth roll.
  • You can push and slide with ease on virtually any surface you might want to, and it is relatively stable as well.


  • The wheels could be a bit larger, but it is not a deal-breaker either


Magneto Longboards Bamboo is one of the Best longboards for dancing for advanced riders with its excellent control over the board while doing even the tightest and the most complicated turns.

WHOME PRO Dancing Longboards Complete Review


  • Most of the beginner longboard dancers will be falling a lot, and so will be the longboard. The deck of this excellent longboard from WHOME is quite sturdy, and tricks can be done without worrying about the deck falling apart.
  • This WHOME PRO Dancing longboard has a max load of 330lbs. It doesn’t matter how heavy the rider might be; they can comfortably do dancing or other tricks on it.
  • It can be used by both male and female longboard riders as it is unisex. So if you have a female friend or family member looking to get into longboard dancing or tricks, this is an excellent pick.
  • One of the best things about this longboard is that it is relatively lightweight and can be carried around relatively easily.
  • The deck is wide enough and comes with a high-quality anti-slip grip tape to accommodate the rider’s feet without feeling like the rider has to look before placing back the feet.
  • It is very stable even at higher speeds, which is quite necessary to have a longboard for freestyle and dancing.
  • The truck is made with high-grade aluminum and carbon steel, so it won’t be needing any replacement anytime soon.
  • Although the wheels aren’t too big, it is perfect for racing around or dancing on anywhere as it provides enough speed and turnability.


  • The bearing might need a bit of adjustment, but it is not so necessary.


This is excellent quality and affordable longboard to have freestyle and dancing. It has got perfect smoothness and a durable deck to roll over any bumps on the road.

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Review


  • As this board is made with a mix of aluminum and Maple, this is one of the sturdiest longboards for freestyle and dancing; you might get out there. It will undoubtedly last longer than the other one.
  • Its deck Length is 39 Inches, which is an ideal length for doing freestyle and dancing. The drop-through mount is quite near to the ground, so you will have excellent stability for doing any tricks you intend to.
  • This board comes with a simple yet elegant black color design on the rear and a mix of bamboo styled color paired with black patterns on the front.
  • Another great thing about this skateboard is the wheel. The wheels are 70mm in size, which is large enough to provide the necessary speed and traction.
  •  One of the best things about the wheels is the 80A hardness. This makes it have an excellent grip over the surface without sacrificing the pace.
  • As you know, loose trucks are better for turns, and tighter trucks are better for high-speed stability; this longboard has decided to take on a middle of the road approach. It is loose enough for getting the required response but not too loose to not have the necessary stability.
  • Its strong and Flexible Eight Ply Maple Deck made longboard can hold Up to 250 lb weight, which is the official estimate. But in reality, it can hold up as much as 300lb, which is excellent for adult and heavier riders.
  • This board is just 3.31 Kilograms, so you can easily carry it from one place to another with quite an ease.
  • It’s compact, so you might be able to pack it up in your bag when you don’t want to use it. You can store it in the cabinets or lockers in the office as well.


It is better suitable for beginner longboard dancers and freestyle riders rather than the advanced ones.


If you want to get excellent quality and smooth riding longboard for beginner dancers and freestyle riders, this has to be one of the best, if not the best. Its excellent stability, control, and smoothness over the tracks or terrains are great for beginners who need to feel confident with their longboard.

How to Choose the Best Longboard for Freestyle and Dancing – Buying Guide

Freestyle and dancing is the style of riding where you will do tricks more than only focusing on speeding or sliding.

That means here you can be doing so many things at once during the different tricks hence your board should be dynamic enough so that doing different tricks for beginners to advanced longboarders becomes a lot easier.

This time you will want to remove any restriction and want as much responsiveness as possible from your board as doing different longboarding tricks, board walking, and dancing are your main concerns.

If you are not sure what component does what you can get the idea from here. You can read the buying guide of other longboard types that I discussed above to understand what measurement is perfect for what parameter.

For freestyling or dancing the ideal deck size typically does not have a particular range. Here you got to make sure you can you have such a deck size where you can easily walk having enough space on the deck.

Having twin shape (symmetrical) is important to use the deck from both ends. Probably you will want to have a twin kicktail deck to get the freedom of using the deck as many ways as you want particularly something like flip tricks. The cut-out and speedboard are also handy for freestyle riding.

For dancing, a twin kicktail is not something essential but the width of the deck is crucial here.

For dancing and board walking a flat-concave deck is perfect but for other tricks and freeriding, there is no such restriction. But restricting to the flat-concave or at most the radial concave can turn into a good decision for doing the tricks.

Generally, you will find the drop-through mounting system for the freestyle longboards as well as the top mounting system. It is up to you what type of tricks you want to do. If you want stability more than responsiveness goes for the drop through ones, and if you want responsiveness more than the stability go for the top mounting system.

Flexible or medium flexible decks should come with the freestyle longboards instead of the stiff decks.

9” or 150mm is the ideal truck width for freestyle longboards.

Open bushing seat is perfect for this type of longboards as you need a carve and sharp turns very often during the tricks.

Final Words

If you want to learn to do tricks or dance on the longboard, you must be prepared to fail, and so does the longboard. This is why you need a durable longboard for dancing and freestyle, which won’t break apart just after a few tries. All the boards I have reviewed here are sturdy, durable, and well balanced to make you feel confident whether you are trying the tricks for the first time or the 100th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of longboard is best for tricks?

Even if you don't know anything about longboards or how to pick one, as a rule of thumb, aim for slightly bigger longboards. Why? Well, because bigger longboards give you plenty of room for your leg. This is very important because no matter which tricks you are performing or attempting to learn, you will need a bigger space for the leg to cross, rotate, or dance on the board.

Can you do tricks on a pintail longboard?

Although pintail longboards are considered better suited for other riding disciplines such as downhill riding or simply cruising, that doesn't mean you can't do tricks with it. However, it may require you to have better control over you and your longboard as you may need to generate power right from your feet instead of relying on the board. That being said, pintail longboards can be great for doing tricks on steeper places or rocky areas.

What longboard flex is optimal for dancing?

As for the ideal amount of flex required for dancing and freestyle riding, it is considered that medium flexed decks are more suitable for dancing and other freestyle riding or even tricks. Although the stiff-decked longboards are more stable and more comfortable to control at a higher speed, they are less forgiving on rugged terrains. This makes it a problem when doing tricks on grass or uneven surfaces.

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