(Top 5) Best Longboards for Freestyle and Dancing Reviews for 2020 – With Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Longboard for Freestyle and Dancing – Buying Guide

Freestyle and dancing is the style of riding where you will do tricks more than only focusing on speeding or sliding.

That means here you can be doing so many things at once during the different tricks hence your board should be dynamic enough so that doing different tricks for beginners to advanced longboarders becomes a lot easier.

This time you will want to remove any restriction and want as much responsiveness as possible from your board as doing different longboarding tricks, board walking, and dancing are your main concerns.

If you are not sure what component does what you can get the idea from here. You can read the buying guide of other longboard types that I discussed above to understand what measurement is perfect for what parameter.

For freestyling or dancing the ideal deck size typically does not have a particular range. Here you got to make sure you can you have such a deck size where you can easily walk having enough space on the deck.

Having twin shape (symmetrical) is important to use the deck from both ends. Probably you will want to have a twin kicktail deck to get the freedom of using the deck as many ways as you want particularly something like flip tricks. The cut-out and speedboard are also handy for freestyle riding.

For dancing, a twin kicktail is not something essential but the width of the deck is crucial here.

For dancing and board walking a flat-concave deck is perfect but for other tricks and freeriding, there is no such restriction. But restricting to the flat-concave or at most the radial concave can turn into a good decision for doing the tricks.

Generally, you will find the drop-through mounting system for the freestyle longboards as well as the top mounting system. It is up to you what type of tricks you want to do. If you want stability more than responsiveness goes for the drop through ones, and if you want responsiveness more than the stability go for the top mounting system.

Flexible or medium flexible decks should come with the freestyle longboards instead of the stiff decks.

9” or 150mm is the ideal truck width for freestyle longboards.

Open bushing seat is perfect for this type of longboards as you need a carve and sharp turns very often during the tricks.

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