5 Best Longboard Sliding Gloves Reviews for 2022

When it’s about choosing the best longboard sliding gloves, first and foremost, that has to be a heavy-duty unit.

Finger pucks and thumb pucks are must for protective longboard slide gloves. They can be fixed or adjustable. It doesn’t differ that much.

You are not going to consider only the palm pucks. It also has to meet the following features strictly-

⦁ The primary material of the gloves

⦁ Comfort, easy on and off, breathability

⦁ The puck & puck material

⦁ Fingertip material

⦁ Wrist material

⦁ Durability.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t end here. Before choosing longboard hand slide gloves, you have to consider some other things too.

Don’t be troubled. Let me do the legwork for you.

In this best longboard sliding gloves reviews guide, I’ve reviewed 4 top-rated longboard slide gloves mentioning all the upsides and downsides of each.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

5 Best Longboard Sliding Gloves – Detailed Review

#1: Loaded Longboard Freeride Version 7.0 Review


  • This pair is made as more lightweight and long-lasting than ever. Made from a mix of sturdy materials. 
  • The most impact-resistant plastic palm, thumb pucks, and hard plastic finger pucks provide the highest protection level. 
  • It offers easy on and off action. The Velcro slide pucks stay in place well. 
  • For further protection, Poron XRD palm padding and viscoelastic foam knuckle pad is attached here.
  • It performs quite well with the easily removable pucks. 
  • The Coolmax lining and vented work fight against hot weather and sweating to keep the hands fresh.
  • It offers extra vibration absorption and comfort with Poron padding on the palms and knuckles.
  • The reflective parts ensure to see when skating on low-light.
  • These gloves have reduced the profile for youth and female riders and now offer three form-fitting sizes to better accommodate. 


  • A bit on the pricey side. Keep in mind; With that said, it’s always what you get is what you pay for.


Do you know this slide glove was designed based on the feedback of the longboard stars?

This pair offers outstanding fit and comfort with amazing durability.

It would keep your hands fresh in even hot weather. It is adjustable and ensures an excellent fit to maintain the tricks quickly.

Do you ride at night? No tension! It is designed with reflective parts.

Though it is a little bit pricy, it is the top-rated longboard slide gloves at this time.

Most importantly, things can get faithless quickly when high speed and friction are involved. It provides crucial protection.

#2: LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves Review


  • This is the durable pair made by microfiber leather.
  • Manufactured with breathable mesh holes and granular matte fabric. 
  • The silicone back of the glove ensures effective shock absorption.
  • Its fashionable design offers 4 colors to choose from.
  • The wrist is attached with a nylon strap velcro and metal hoop to provide a better fit.
  • Velcro, metal buckle, and polyester fiber wrist wrap offer additional support.
  • Its heavy-duty palm supports to balance the body.
  • The breathability and protection is promoted with the finger holes.
  • All the pucks, palm puck, thumb puck, and finger pucks are anti-friction.
  • This pair is lightweight and comfortable. 
  • It also offers easy on and off action.  
  • The circular slider wouldn’t get stuck. You may control the sliding direction at will.


  • Some users complained like the thumb puck velcro keeps falling off the puck. 


Well, you went through the pros and cons of this LOSENKA longboard gloves.

I hope your idea is clear about this pair now.

I am recapping some crucial issues.

The primary material of this longboard hand slide gloves is microfiber leather, which makes it lightweight and very much durable to trust.

Another important thing is the pucks; the pucks are of hard material to protect your hands from impacts.

Yes! They are breathable and keeps your hands sweat-less.

#3: Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves Review


  • These loaded slide gloves allow exceptional durability as they are made from full-grain leather. 
  • It promises to survive most conditions – rain or shine. 
  • The lightweight design is very slick and isn’t clunky.
  • This pair offers excellent comfort in cold weather.
  • Replaceable round slider pucks are included. Thumb, finger, and palm pucks are made of polyurethane. They are always active to protect your hands. 
  • The neoprene knuckle pad and molded Triple 8 badge with sweat saver thumb pad ensure wiping away sweat.
  • These gloves also offer a perfect fit with heavy-duty, wrap-around velcro wrist strap. Promise a secure fit for any size hands. 
  • Another unique feature is tear-resistant kevlar fingertips. Which would secure your fingers amid the roughest slides.
  • The velcro wrist strap also ensures smooth on and off action.


  • There is not enough stitching. Nevertheless, the materials are durable enough to give you unparalleled protection.


The sliders do not detract from the reputation for quality and durability of Triple 8.

This is one of the best and unique gloves available today.


The primary leather material, replaceable round slider pucks and slider bars, tear-safe kevlar fingertips, and polyurethane pucks are all the special features in one glove.

So, your thumbs and fingers are free to follow the tricks even roughly.


Though the number of stitches is less than usual, it eventually promises a perfect fit with its adjustable velcro wrist strap.

#4: Loaded Goatskin Downhill Race Longboard Slide Glove Review


  • Its extraordinary solid structure offers extreme durability.
  • The high-quality goatskin leather allows aggressive riding.
  • It will enable all the drastic moves on a ride. 
  • The carbon knuckles and finger defenders defend against impacts. 
  • Velcro straps are attached with the palms, fingertips, and thumbs to replacing the pucks if needed.
  • The internal Coolmax wicking fabric keeps your hands fresh.
  • Some reflective sections are here to help you in low-lights.
  • The palm and thumb pucks are made of UHMW. So, no compromise on protection.
  • Ergonomic finger shapes are available to give you a stylish look and parallelly, ensure the ultimate protection.
  • It’s top is made with mesh materials to enhance breathability.


  • Unfortunately, this one is extraordinary for small and medium-sized hands. The riders with additional substantial hands have to look elsewhere.


This pair is designed for extreme durability. Goatskin cowhide is a pretty high-quality, sturdy leather to provide the need for radical moves.

Firstly, the security issue is not compromised here.

The carbon knuckles and finger defenders are active in protecting the fingers and knuckles.

Palm and thumb pucks are made with UHMW for ultimate durability and, of course, protection.

Remember? The internal Coolmax wicking fabric takes away the tension of getting heat of the hands.

This pair also obtains excellent breathability, and the adjustable velcro wrist strap ensures a perfect fit for regular size hands.

Top Longboard Sliding Gloves – Buying Guide

Gloves Material

Well, the most important thing is the primary material of the gloves. It might be lightweight, flexible, and of course, durable.

Protective longboard slide gloves accompany harder material set on the knuckles area.

Comfort, Easy on and off, Breathability

The best longboard sliding gloves would allow you to feel extra comfortable. Moving fingers would feel natural.

It won’t be too tight or loose. It will fit your wrist perfectly. The best gloves are designed as adjustable. 

Wearing gloves causes sweat even before starting the ride. The best quality contains breathable mesh material to ensure your sweat less hand.

Puck & Puck Material

The pucks get in contact with the ground and the board. They take the impact and friction against the road. Generally, the puck is made of plastic or other hard material.

Fingertip Material

Suitable longboarding sliding gloves have durable plastic pucks attached to the palm or the fingers. This part offers a maximum risk-free horizontal ride.

Wrist Material

The wrist strap functions to modify the glove’s cozy fit in the wrist region. This ensures the glove’s tumble off and the required help on the wrist amid slides.


Here, the main issue is to protect your hands from impacts. It relates to durability. Make sure to purchase a glove with durable material. It will give you longer-lasting protection.


Okay! This issue is conflicting!

It depends on the quality of the gloves.

While high-quality gloves cost more, at the same time, they give more comfort and protection than the cheaper one.

Final Words

Let’s recap!

In this best longboard sliding gloves reviews guide, I’ve gone through 4 top-rated longboard slide gloves mentioning the highs and lows of the units.

I’ve also written a short yet fettle buying guide to provide you with the proper knowledge on different buying factors. 

Congrats! If you’ve made it this far.

If you want me to vote for the best, I will be going for the Loaded Boards Freeride Version 7.0 for sure. It would take decent care of your hands and fingers. 

Now it’s your turn.

I hope my guide will help you choose the best longboard sliding gloves for your comfortable tricky, and protective ride.

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