7 Best Longboard Shoes for 2022 – With Buying Guide and FAQs

Picking up the best longboarding shoes depends on some factors like your riding style, practical design of the shoe, and comfortable make, as per your size, etc.

With that said, it’s equally a daunting task to choose the best longboard shoes.


We have got several brands and models; it’s quite obvious to get puzzled to choose the best one.

Don’t worry! I am here to separate the wheat from the chaff for you.

Now, I’m going to review 7 best longboard shoes. I would mention all the benefits and risks of each pair.

Here are the points to consider when I shortlisted the top longboard shoes –

  • If the shoe is high top or low profile. It affects your comfort and riding style, as well.
  • Does the design offer the most balance?
  • The upper material – suede vs. canvas.
  • Is the sole vulcanized or polyurethane?
  • Is it durable?
  • If it was manufactured with all the necessary features or not. 

Having great longboarding shoes is essential to earn your need for support and control.

So, let’s start.

4 Recommended Longboard Shoes – Detailed Review

#1: Adidas NEO Daily Review


  • The cloud foam sock liner makes the pair lightweight and enables you to carry it comfortably.
  • It provides beneficial arch support. It offers to be worn at any surface in just moments. 
  • This pair fits true to size. You will be able to concentrate more on the ride now.
  • The rubber sole is not breakable even in hard hits in the road. 
  • You got two denim colors to choose from. 
  • Extra rubber toe bumper would confirm safety.
  • The upper texture is of durable textile and leather.
  • The soft and flat laces confirm a comfortable tie.


  • Few users complain about its narrow width, where most of the users are satisfied with this pair.


Adidas NEO Men’s SE is the top longboard shoe.

Any doubt?

This pair delivers excellent stability, lightness, and comfort. It allows you to be worn every day.

Are you tense about safety?

Well, the leather heel, rubber sole, and an additional rubber toe bumper protect your toe from impacts.


The cloud foam sock liner ensures softness and pleasure for long hours. 

On the other hand, the unique design would give you a smarter look beyond longboarding.

#2: Nike Stefan Janoski Review


  • It ensures supreme comfort by its honeycomb constructed midsole. 
  • The exclusive sock liner and the zoom cushioning system adds a smooth notion to your ride.
  • The rubber sole enhances board feel. 
  • A vulcanized, tacky gum rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern ensures excellent traction.
  • The autoclave construction provides a classic look.
  • Perforations at the forefoot provide proper ventilation.
  • The leather, suede, and nubuck upper make it exclusively durable.
  • One-piece heels in midfoot overlay enhance streamlined support.
  • The superior grip reduced slippage.


  • This pair is a tricky fit – told a user. Actually, you have to choose the size perfectly.


Why Nike Stefan Janoski?

This pair has all the bells and whistles one would find in a right longboarding shoe.

Janoski gives an excellent board feel.

This is a durable and comfortable longboard shoe.

Furthermore, The upper features thick padding. The canvas outlook gives a classic look and feel.

Thanks to a vulcanized outsole for ensuring consistent stability.

The herringbone soles provide excellent traction and longevity.

Remember? Its excellent shock absorbency provides irrespective concentration on the ride.

#3: DC Men’s Court Review


  • 100% leather makes DC as the most fashionable longboarding shoe for the hardcore thrashers. 
  • The court Grafik is made of a pillow of cushioned panels to offer maximum protection on and off the board. 
  • The combination of foam-padded collar and tongue add extra protection.
  • The cup sole construction makes it abrasion-resistant.
  • Its heavy-duty suede and nubuck upper ensure to last longer.
  • A pull tab at the heel provides comfortable wearing.
  • The vent holes offer excellent breathability.
  • Lightweight mesh tongue, padded collar, and the lace-up front promote a good fit.
  • Its ultra-grippy outsole enhances your confidence in riding.
  • The sole is designed for extra ground contact and flex.


  • You may feel a little stiff at the first use. Don’t worry. It will become comfortable after using it a couple of times.


Are you a serious longboarder?

Then it is the best longboard shoe for you.

It’s not only durable but also super-comfortable.

Did you notice? This pair has some cool side graphics.

It is worth mentioning here. The stabilizing feature and ultra-grippy outsole ensure confident riding.

Needless-to-say about its abrasion-resistant.

Don’t miss the ventilation holes. They ensure your sweat-free ride.

#4: Vans Unisex Old Skool Review


  • It’s rubber sole lasts against foot braking. 
  • The flat sole ensures an improved grip. 
  • While bending foot, you would feel free for the padded collars and comfortable lace-up.
  • It goes right to size and provides a comfortable fit and fantastic look.
  • This shoe rocks a canvas upper with the sturdy suede. 
  • The rubber waffle outsoles and padded collars offer ultimate support and flexibility.
  • The reinforced toe caps and flexible grip make top-notch traction and durability.
  • It’s lightweight and breathable.


  • Though some users found it less cushioning, the Vans Old Skool is great for longboarders who want a closer connection to the board and the pavement.


Why this?

The Vans Old Skool has been made to suit the wildest of longboarding. It is excellent to maintain a closer connection to the board and the pavement.

Look, this is a fantastic canvas shoe with a vulcanized design. It would surely enhance your comfort and durability.

Vans Old Skool ensures top-notch traction and durability.

Furthermore, the flat sole gives lightness and enhanced grip so that you don’t lose your longboard every now and then.

Yes! The low top lace-up with reinforced toe caps is ready to withstand repeated comfortable wear. 

#5: Supra Vaider LC Review


  • Tan lace with tan and flame hardware makes this pair very much stable.
  • The Camo mesh lining would extend comfort.
  • A vulcanized sole supplies excellent traction and board feel.
  • It’s comfortable cup sole construction provides maximum durability.
  • The light gum foxing rubber outsole and sidewalls ensure the protection of your toe. 
  • The tan suede overlays and tan wax canvas underlays made this unique.
  • It gives excellent ankle support. 
  • The amazing breathability allows a sweatless ride.
  • It offers a very comfortable ride with the padded mesh and collar tongue. 


  • The design is a little clunky. However, it’s a high-top pair and very much responsible for safety.


The Supra Vaider is the first high-top shoe on my list. It is the most wear and tear proof shoe!

The stylish high-top upper and a vulcanized sole provide excellent traction.

Promises superior comfort with its padded mesh collar and tongue lining.

Do you know?

The high-top design is not only to give a stylish look but also ensures excellent ankle support.

Furthermore, this shoe is created from 100% leather. It allows for lots of breathability and stability.

Actually, it is designed for a stable ride with great comfort.

#6: Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Review


  • Its low-cut design allows great ankle mobility.
  • The vulcanized striped rubber midsole and toe cap make it very durable.
  • It is lightweight to maintain your free riding style.
  • Having a water repellent material makes this pair great in the rain.
  • The rubber sole would ensure protection against anything you throw at it.
  • A soft lining and the inner cushioned sole is added for comfort. 
  • A combination of a well-measured shaft and arch makes this pair much supportive.
  • Lacing up is very smooth and comfortable here.


  • Chuck Taylor is designed for long footed users. But it is not so hard to get the best fit size. Find your size sensitively, and it would be the beautiful pair for longboarding.


Is it hard to get the best-fit shoe for you?

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor is all you are waiting for.

This pair is rough and tough as you like aggressive riding.

Check this out. This is a low-cut unisex longboarding shoe. It contains a soft lining and inner cushioned sole.

On the other hand, the extra water repellent material makes this one perfect for all weather.

When it’s about providing ample protection, its rubber sole ensures protection during foot braking.

In addition, they’re available in numerous colors and sizes.

#7: Supra Skytop Skate Shoe Review


  • The shaft measurement ensures to act much supportive and comfortable.
  • Padded mesh collar and mesh sock liner enhance the smoothness for high comfort.
  • The tongue with a hidden stash pocket is cushioned for both comfort and secret. 
  • The upper part is designed with 100% leather and synthetic.
  • Its rubber sole meets safety requirements.
  • The vulcanized construction offers premium vulcanized skate performance and optimal board feel. 
  • At the top of the lace-up, some metal eyelets are attached to make it look classic.
  • The Heel loop ensures easy on-and-off access.


  • Some users marked the fit uncomfortable. But most of the users are very happy with this sleek, stylish, designed vulcanized shoe.


It is a signature Skytop collection. It would give you a sleek and stylish look with great comfort and safety.

Its contemporary high-top design would make you feel as unique as riding.

This leather constructed longboard shoe offers premium vulcanized skate performance.

It comes complete with a rubber insole. This would confirm your safe ride.

You would get much support for its high-top feature.

There’s more! The padded mesh collar and sock liner are attached to enhance ultimate comfort.

And yes, for your easy on-and-off access, the heel loop is here to rely on.

Longboard Shoes Buying Guide

High Top Vs. Low Profile

Low-tops are all about freedom of movement and in case of high-tops, its ankle protection.

The high-top longboarding shoes contain extra cushioning. It meets your need for additional ankle support.

Low-tops are more comfortable to move. They are kind of weightless.

What Design Gives Most Balance

Make sure about your fit. Don’t pick too big or too narrow.

The slightly high hills may make you less comfortable but give protection and allow natural toe breaking. On the other hand, flat shoes provide less protection against impacts.

Vulcanized or cup sole?

Vulcanized shoes are better for board feel, easy to break-in.

Cupsole shoes are supportive, protective, harder to break in, offer less board feel.

The Tongue

Some tongues are puffy, and some are slim.

These shoes have reached the level of differences. They are customized like slim puffed shoes. The more puffy tongue would give you more comfort while the slender tongue may move randomly.

Sole Material

A thin sole gives better board control. It’s excellent for applying technical tricks!

On the other hand, the thick soles absorb impacts.

Upper Material

Well, the three significant materials are – suede, leather, and canvas.

Suede shoes are best for technical skaters. They last the longest and are best for board feel.

Canvas upper is considered for skating without ollies or flips. It causes less sweaty feet.

The leather shoes takeaway board feel.


  • What are the best shoes for longboarding?

There’s a lot of debate about the best longboarding shoe. In general, go with shoes like:

  • Adidas NEO Daily 
  • Nike Stefan Janoski 
  • DC Men’s Court 
  • Vans Unisex Old Skool 
  • Supra Vaider LC 
  • Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor 
  • Supra Skytop Skate Shoe 
  • How often should I replace my longboarding shoes?

It depends on a number of factors- how often you ride, the street quality, weather, etc. But the most important thing is, the best quality can stand up to rigorous wear and tear. When purchasing, you should plan for at least one year for use.

  • Are vans better than converse? 

Vans offer way more variety of designs than the Converse. 

Vans have better padding and cushioning. On the Converse side, they are good enough to compete but comparatively expensive.

  • Can I longboard in regular shoes?

Regular shoes aren’t designed for performing longboarding tricks.

Longboarding shoes are designed explicitly for fulfilling the requirement of longboarding tricks, safety, and comfort.

Final Words:

So, this is it.

You can pick up any one of the above longboarding shoes.

All of those are some of the best longboard shoes out there.

Of course, they vary in some features, have some pitfalls, and some other benefits. But none of them have any alarming issues.

Are you still confused?

Okay! I will especially recommend Adidas NEO Daily and Supra Vaider LC.

The low-profiled Adidas NEO daily is unique for its super comfort and arch support with ultimate protection.

Similarly, Supra Vaider LC is designed as high-top and ensures stability, comfort, and excellent ankle support.

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