5 Best Longboard Helmets for 2022 – With Buying Guide

Wow! It’s great that you are conscious of safety.

You might be looking for the best longboard helmet from the rush of branded and non-branded helmets.

It’s easier than you think!

All you have to do is, read my review attentively, then match with your requirements.

To be honest, I have done extensive research on downhill longboard helmets and then separated 5 best helmets for longboarding.

All the longboard helmets don’t have the same design and quality. 

Depending on the place and your riding style, you have to choose the best longboard helmet for you.

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it.

Let’s go through the review of the top-notch longboard helmets.

5 Recommended Longboard Helmets – Detailed Review

#1: Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet Review


  • It’s very comfortable to wear and carry. The compression-molded liner pads offer maximum comforts.
  • The high-density injection-molded ABS hardshell allows aggressive riding.
  • Lightweight industry-standard EPS foam liners absorb sweat and allow you to focus on the race.
  • The presence of 11 ventilator ports ensures sweat less cool heads.
  • The combination of an adjustable chin strap and a locking buckle provides stable and safe placing of the helmet.
  • It is lightweight and versatile. At the same time, sturdy and durable.
  • Meets all safety standards and has certification on multiple impacts.
  • There is a broad range of colors and patterns to impress your fashion mind too.


  • One little annoying thing here. On its matte-finished surface, scratches get too visible. You can enjoy the scratch as the proof of serious riding or slap a sticker.


Why this helmet?

It has been consistently rated as one of the most beautiful helmets.

This owns renowned style and comfort. Durable and light enough to ride freely. You might ride without dripping sweat.

No doubt about it!

The adjustable strap offers confident riding. It is straightforward to put on and carry.

Choose your color from the bucket of collections.

Trust this helmet for safety and comfort on the street or down the hill.

#2: Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet Review


  • It is crafted for speed and meets CPSC and ASTM downhill mountain bike racing standards.
  • This full-face helmet would not only ensure your ultimate safety but also impress you at the first look.
  • It’s fully made of the fiberglass shell. Sturdy construction and the real aerodynamic feature would ensure years to come.
  • The shatter-resistant flip-up visor provides the rider a broader view.
  • EPS foam liner with velvet lining inside the helmet absorbs the shock and protects external impacts.
  • Two sets of the fit pad are included to customize the fit.
  • The back is slightly cut down to feel comfortable in the tuck position.
  • The exhilaration unit is uncompromised.


  • It doesn’t contain many ventilation holes. So, it slightly fogs up at times of heavy breathing. But the visor is very smooth to move for, ensuring easy breathing.


Right out of the box, the interior has been designed to pass CPSC and ASTM certification.

This full-face longboarding helmet is comfortably low-weight. Its high visibility, the easy to change visors offer the best protection against all types of impacts.

Moreover, the EPS foam liner with an extra fit pad makes it comfortable.

And yes, it is sleek and handsome. 

#3: Triple Eight Sweat saver Liner Skateboarding Helmet Review


  • It is designed specially to make you feel fresh as the inner part is stink-free, and the moisture-wicking liner is included to act as a sweat saver.
  • The ABS outer shell is included for making this helmet a durable one. It would last for years to come.
  • The nylon buckle chin strap is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • You can easily remove and wash the terry cloth liner and then fit it again.
  • Six different sizes and the killer color range with unique rubber finished classic design are waiting for different aged riders.
  • The ventilation system is perfect for maintaining your cool head.


  • The hard rubber can be gradually cracked from impacts. But don’t worry; it will still save your head from injury.


Triple Eight Sweat saver Helmet is one of the best multi-impact helmets in the market. It is the necessary protective gear for longboarding.

Get sweaty too often?

This helmet eliminates the bad odor of sweat and gives you freshness by absorbing the sweat.

The half-shell consists of foam padding, and the upper surface is made of rubber and ABS shell.

Admit it!

It is safer and comfortable than any other trendy helmets around.

This is called “the perfect visor less helmet.” It offers your ultimate safety and comfort.

#4: S-ONE Lifer Helmet Review


  • It owns the best fitting quality in the market of half-shell helmets.
  • This helmet achieved the CPSC and ASTM certification. 5x more protective than regular helmets.
  • It’s a breakthrough design, and the ABS outer shell ensures stability.
  • The inner part contains specially formulated EPS fusion foam to save your head from injuries.
  • It is a multi-impact helmet.
  • The circular vents keep the airflow reasonable to cool your head in riding.
  • It comes with different sized pads. Great for all aged riders.
  • It has a vast collection of matt finish colors and designs.
  • The liners are easily removable and adjustable.


  • Some users found scratching after getting injured. But remember, S1 is the best for safety.


S1 Lifer is the staple collection of half-shell longboarding helmets.


This is the helmet with double certification.

The design is cool enough to offer a smarter look.

Let’s recap the safety issue.

It’s a multi-impact helmet. The ABS outer shell is to absorb the impacts and make it durable.

The EPS fusion foam made with a unique formula is in the inner portion. It ensures a good fit and takes the headache of impacts.

Overall, it is the safeguard of a rider. The exclusive design and ventilation holes provide comfort and pleasure.

Choose your perfect helmet from the rack of S1 lifer.

#5: TSG – Pass Full-face Helmet Review


  • Designed to assure full-face head protection.
  • Its hard shell fiberglass construction and shock-absorbing EPS shell fight against multi impacts.
  • You can add extra foam wedges into the removable cheek pads to adjust a perfect fit.
  • Small air slots at ear level would improve the perception of ambient noise.
  • The visor’s wide viewing angle allows riders to use their peripheral vision on downhill rides. It comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.
  • The airflow channels and breathable vent ports ensure proper air circulation.
  • Two spherical lenses are included. They provide UV protection and distortion-free vision.
  • Putting on and taking off is very easy.
  • The liner and double D-ring closure are easily adjustable.
  • Several colors are waiting for your perfect gear setup.
  • A helmet bag is included to store it after riding.


  • You may have an objection to its high price. However, I believe the price is reasonable for the features.


We know, most of the people want an attractive look with safety.

The TSG Pass Helmet is one of those beauties.

The key feature of this TSG helmet is its visor. This is fog-resistant and can protect UVA and UVB.

The ventilation slots allow good air circulation.

Remember? It is certified by the International Downhill Federation for longboard racing. This full-face helmet gives the surety of safety against multi-impacts.

There’s more.

The hardshell fiberglass construction and EPS foam liners allow you action sports.

Longboard Helmets Buying Guide: 

Types of Longboard helmets:

Some helmets are full-face, and some are half-shell.

Full face – provides complete protection of your head and faces against impacts. They are combined with two parts – a helmet body and a visor. This is a bit expensive but ensures the highest level of safety.

Half-Shell – This type does not cover the face. This helmet typically consists of a hard shell in the outer part and foam inside to cushion the head. This offers a significant level of protection.


The helmet will perform perfectly only if it fits on your head perfectly. The reviewed helmets have a good system to adjust in the chin. Accurately measure the size of your head and pick the helmet.


The main point of the helmet is safety. You have to be sure about its construction.

Was it made from the elements that can guarantee your 100% safety?

The outer shell must be made of durable plastic, and the inner part might have hard rubber and foam to ensure safety.


Without a sound ventilation system, you will be sweating inside a full-face helmet, and in case of a half shell helmet, your head will get hot.

The reviewed helmets have proper ventilation and sweat saver options to maintain your cool head.

Strap & Retention System

The straps are easily adjustable and washable in all the reviewed helmets. The strap and retention system would fit the helmet with your head and ensure your comfort.

Color & Graphics

All have a large number of attractive and smart color options.

Most of the helmets have their own logo; some are scratched. And there is also an option to have a customized logo.


  • What is the best skate helmet?

The best skate helmet would be adjustable. It would be made with hard plastic like ABS hardshell and certified soft rubber and foam, like EBS foam. It needs enough ventilation ports. It must have certification on multi-impacts.

The Pro-Tec Classic is the best helmet in skating.

  •  Are Triple 8 Helmets good?

Triple 8 is certified to meet all the safety requirements. This unique design and multi-impact feature make it the right choice for the longboarders.

  • Do I need a helmet for longboarding?

There are different opinions. Research shows that wearing a helmet can save your skull from being injured. So, the decision is yours.

  • What is the difference between a bike helmet and a skate helmet?

Bike helmets have more ventilation than skate helmets, and they are designed for more significant speed impacts.

Skate helmets usually have less ventilation, and they are designed for low-speed impacts.

Final Words

All the best-rated longboard helmets are in my review.


The outer shell is eligible to fight against the impact, and the inner part is ready to cushion your head.

Moreover, the straps of all the helmets are finely adjustable to fit.

They offer your maximum comfort in minimum weight.

Knock knock!

Another critical issue is how quickly the helmet might be replaced. All are certified and specially designed for multi-impact.

Wear a helmet! Stay safe!

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