5 Best Longboard Decks Reviews for 2022

Once you decide to start your longboarding journey, your first concern should be finding the best longboard deck. If your deck is not that strong, there’s a high risk of falling ow and then. You may feel that “Is it really necessary to do this much research on the deck?” My answer is “Yes!!”, it’s not only a necessary thing but also a must-have. 

And that’s why, to meet up all your confusions, here, I have tried to bring up the best selling and top quality longboard deck altogether in this article. I have listed out the top 5 longboard decks considering a few essential features, and they are: 

  • Flex
  • Weight-bearing capability
  • Keeping control over excessive vibration
  • Suitable for regular uses
  • Best quality grip tape and outstanding gripping power of the ape
  • Best wood quality
  • Best graphics and designs
  • Within budget 

You have to keep all these essential features on your mind while choosing a deck among these five. So, don’t think much, give a read to this article and select your preferred one without any hesitation. 

5 Best Longboard Decks Reviews

1. Drop Down Longboard Deck – Canadian Maple with Bamboo Inlay 9.75 x 41.5


  • You’ll get an unbelievably lightweight deck of 3 pounds only.
  • The natural wood-colored deck with a black stripe design will surely blow your mind away.
  • A perfect drop-down deck for cruising and carving.
  • The combination of Canadian Maple and bamboo provides the ideal balance and stability. 
  • Perfectly paired with the sidewinders.
  • The thickness of the deck is 12 mm.
  • Soft wheels up to 90 mm works smoothly with this deck.


  • Some heavier riders found the flex a bit extreme.

You will find that the board is beautifully built with substantial piles of Canadian maple wood. The deck is made with the combinations of two popular wood types: metal and bamboo. The bamboo wood makes the board whiter in weight, and the deck is super lightweight; it’s only 3 pounds. Sounds unbelievable, right? This board is perfect for carving and cruising around the city because it provides excellent balance and stability. It is 41.5 inches long and 9.75 inches wide, and the thickness of this board is 12 mm; the company is really specific about its measurement. 

If you want to check if the board has stability or not, then you have to check the shape of the board. The middle portion of the board is a bit lower than the tails and the trucks. And this specific shape provides the highest stability, which is a great help while taking tougher carves and turns. Moreover, it can bear weights up to 250 LBS; there is no question of stopping riding for the heavy riders. 

Now in longboarding, not only deck is a critical component but also the basis for working all the necessary components together like trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. You can attach 75 mm to 90 mm wheels with the deck, and sidewinder trucks work great with the fantastic shape of this beautiful wooden deck. These trucks will help you to utilize the deck as a great source of communication and as a cruiser by ensuring a smooth ride.  

2. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck


  • This deck comes in two different flexes for people of all different weights. 
  • The variable edges of the deck ensure a precise riding adventure. 
  • The combination of bamboo and fiberglass provides energetic standing flex. 
  • Riders can perform any kind of difficult curving and pumping tactics as well. 
  • The deck comes with built-in grip tape that provides the highest grippiness. 
  • It helps a lot to observe the excess vibration created during the riding of the board. 
  • The rider can perform different riding styles using this deck.


  • Many users may not have this much budget to get this deck. 

Suppose you are looking for something versatile, extraordinary design, something different from a regular skateboard deck with the ability of highest cruising and curving along with pumping. In that case, this can be the best longboard deck for you. The deck is fully laminated with bamboo and fiberglass with the highest possible durability. You will find the back super lightweight and really smoother while pushing and trying multiple styles of riding. 

Users’ reviews will show that the customers literally save up for this fantastic deck just to get in hand. This board comes with outstanding flex, and it’s perfect for tricky turns and carving. The deck comes in two forms, flex 1 and flex 2. For those who want to get more stiffness and stability from the board while riding and are a bit heavier in weight, flex 1 will be a great deal for them. On the other hand, flex 2 is specially built for lighter riders who want something extravagant. 

The counters of the deck allow for carving harder without having the tension of slipping away. The graphics will surely attract your vision, and the cork bottom helps to absorb the excessive vibration that occurs while riding. 

Some of you may find the price a bit higher than the regular decks but trust me, you will get all the mentioned features and can carve for a long time without having zero regrets. The most underrated part of this company is that they have prioritized the people of both types of weights. They have also prioritized the oversized people so that no one feels left out in case of experiencing a lively right. 

3. Yocaher Aluminum Gold or Black Skateboards Longboard Drop Through Deck Review


  • You will get a built-in aluminum deck with radial concave. 
  • The quality of the grip tape is impressive.
  • The concave shape helps you to slow down the speed whenever you want. 
  • The deck is super sturdy and a great deal for all people, especially the students. 
  • You can carry the board in the backpack as well.
  • You will get a 36.25 inches long aluminum deck at a lower price.


  • There are not many options in choosing colors as the bowl company is only golden and black. 

Getting the best longboard deck with high performance and a lower price is always the first priority for almost all of us. This deck comes in a combination of golden and black. To get a stable ride and the highest speed stability is one of the essential aspects of longboarding. Yocaher aluminum Gold or Black skateboards are specially built for providing the most increased stability with their low deck. 

Nowadays, the price of aluminum longboards is really high, and there is no guarantee that the quality will be worth buying. But this 36.25 inches long and 9 inches wide deck comes in the fully furnished form, and the “YOCAHER” is written in contrast color over the deck. Grip tape is another most important component to look over while getting the best longboard deck. And the grip tape of this board is a very premium quality, and the longboard deck is accompanied by the Black Widow Premium Grade 80A grip tape. 

Another positive thing about this board is its super stable radio concave shape will help you to control and slow down the speed whenever you need to brake or stop. There is also a bumper at the front and end of the board that provides extra protection, which is hardly maintained in traditional skateboards. You don’t need to do any kind of extra work for its maintenance. As a result, you will not be disappointed at all, as this deck is such a steal at this price. 

4. Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Long Board deck review 


  • This longboard deck comes with excellent bending flexibility.
  • The company claims it to be the best sustainable longboard on the market. 
  • You will find a slight bottom and top curvature. 
  • You can use the board for riding to your college along with downhill riding. 
  • The boat comes in a supernatural wooden form. 
  • No extravagant colors are added over the deck. 
  • The grip tape of this board is super clear. 
  • You can add any kind of wheels you want to the deck.


  • It may not be suitable for those who prefer a colorful deck for buying a longboard. 

If you want the best natural-looking plane board on a budget, then this Bamboo Skateboard can be one of the top choices for you. This board has also won 2012 skateboard of the year by the significant online skateboard magazine. The base of the board is entirely made with bamboo wood, and it provides the highest bending flexibility. You can see the texture of natural wood on the board with no layers of vibrant colors and a very unique stamped logo of the company in dark brown color. This bamboo deck is absolutely well furnished and plain, perfect for people with simple taste and who are into natural-looking boards. The flexibility and the strength of this board are too much that it has beat all the top competitors out there in the market. 

You will find the right amount of flex while riding the board, and it comes with pre-installed clear grip tape. So there is no hassle of attaching extra grip tape. The clear tape ensures safety with its grippiness and also doesn’t change the natural color and look of the board. 

Questions may arise in your mind is this longboard deck really that good? The answer is “Undoubtedly!!”, and you can perform freestyle tricks and glide around your college campus and your home whenever you want. So, there is no doubt that this board is excellent for communication and cruising. Customers’ reviews show that they are super satisfied with the quality and the claim that it will be a steal for anyone who will get this in hand. The next question that can arise in your mind is, can you smoothly attach the equipment according to your preferences? So, you can attach the bearings, the trucks, and the wheels without having any trouble. 

5. DB Longboards CoreFlex Dance Floor Review


  • The deck can be used as a perfect platform for dancing and a comfortable ride. 
  • The CoreFlex technology of the deck provides the highest water-resistant and scratch-resistant performance.
  • It comes in two different flexes, flex 1 for people up to 175 lbs and flex 2 for people up to 180 to 250 lbs. 
  • The strength and weight-taking capacity of the deck are remarkable. 
  • You will get what you will say in the picture 
  • People of all ages and weights can ride the deck. 
  • Exploring new adventures is the main motto of the building company. 
  • Treating customers like the king is the company’s primary goal.


  • This deck may not go well with larger wheels and curvy trucks. 

 What about the best longboard deck, which was specially built by the real skaters who were in love with longboarding? DB longboards core flex deck is such a deck that comes with the mission of providing the best quality longboard with high-quality materials with the highest sustainability and to provide the best custom-made longboards in the world. 

The deck is fully water-resistant and has unbelievable flex. It is specially founded with the combination of epoxy, HD plastic, fiberglass, and bamboo so that the performance and the output always remain higher than the regular ones. You can explore any surface like the beach, mountain, bumpy roads, hills, even flat roads. The transitional color pattern of the deck will surely blow your mind away. Overall the use of the quality materials of the deck is undoubtedly suitable for attaching other hardware components. 

The customers claim that the fiberglass coating keeps the board away from getting chipped. Maximum customers love the strength and the stability of the deck while riding. You can convert the deck into an electric cruiser by adding several necessary components you will need to build it up. You can trust me on this that this will be one of the best investments ever if you prefer a very stiff longboard deck. 

 Final Words

After giving a read to this article, hopefully, you have made up your mind about the deck you want to get. Still, to make things clear for you, I’m mentioning some distinct features for each longboard deck, which will make the choosing process a lot easier.  

If you want a lightweight deck with the shortest height from the ground, then you should choose the Drop Down longboard deck, perfectly built with the combination of Canadian Maple and bamboo. Again, if you prefer decks made with fiberglass and your budget is a bit high, you can go for the Icarus Bamboo longboard deck. Moreover, if you want an aluminum deck at a reasonable price, then Yocaher aluminum Gold or Black deck will be a perfect choice for you. 

Since not everyone prefers vibrant colors and wants a soothing vintage finishing, I will suggest choosing the Hard Good Blank longboard deck. Last but not the least, if you want a longboard built under the supervision of expert longboarders who come in vibrant color combinations, you can blindly go for the CoreFlex Dance floor deck. So, there’s nothing to worry about; choose whatever you want and pair the deck with all the necessary pieces of equipment and parts, and enjoy the best ride for a lifetime. 

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