10 Best Longboard Brands You Must Know About

Having a board that stinks of excellent quality always brings joy to the most enthusiastic skaters. But to find the right option, skaters will have to know about the best longboard brands available.

This makes it easy when it comes to picking the ideal longboard, while also giving an idea of what they’re getting depending on their needs.

With the following longboard brands list, you’ll learn enough about the brands to pick the right one.

If you are an enthusiast who wants a great product or just wants to have the best experience possible, then, without a doubt, you’ll need to learn more about them.

Come and find out!

Best Longboarding Companies

It is not easy to find the top longboard brands when you’re just a beginner with not much experience. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be hard as long as you read about each brand. With the following reviews, you’ll learn enough about each option to make the right choice.

  1. Sector 9
  2. Atom
  3. Quest
  4. Landyachtz
  5. Arbor
  6. Yocaher
  7. Loaded
  8. Santa Cruz
  9. Penny
  10. Globe

1. Sector 9

If you are a beginner, then Sector 9 is probably your best choice. As a brand, there aren’t many options as prestigious, mainly because it has been a staple for quality since it started creating longboards.

Once you start meeting people who like cruising, it is very likely to find a longboard Sector 9 sooner or later. Sector 9 longboards are probably the most common in the streets and are undoubtedly among the most popular in the market (and the first choice for many people).

You’ll find thousands of options to choose from, of different styles, shapes, materials, with diverse graphics and colors, and for all kinds of people. Whoever you are and whatever the type of longboard you prefer, with this brand, you won’t fall short on opportunities.

You may choose women-only longboards made of bamboo for cruising. Or, you may find some plywood decks for a light board. Some even come with a double-kick design for fast cruising. You’ll have so many options with this brand that it’s just unbelievable.

The best of all is that Sector 9 also produces all kinds of protective gear and other accessories. You can fill a skateboard closet of a large array of items from Sector 9, and you will still fall short on the many items you’ll have available.


  • Creates longboards since 1993 so it has tons of prestige
  • One of the most popular brands in the market worldwide
  • Offers all types of longboards for all kinds of users
  • Produces additional items, accessories, and gear for skating
  • Known for the reliability and affordability of its boards

2. Atom

Atom longboards are among the most affordable options you’ll find. This isn’t an old and prestigious brand like others, as it started around 2005. Still, it is a brand that many people know for the quality of its board and the fantastic price that makes it a perfect choice for most beginner longboarders.

The best of all is that Atom comes with a wide array of options for all kinds of users. You will have all sorts of longboards to pick, but you will also find different types of electric skateboards and terrain options for the most demanding users.

Atom doesn’t disappoint in quality or in options. It is an affordable brand for the entry-level and medium-range user who wants something reliable. Among the different brands on this budget range, Atom is also very popular, especially with beginners thanks to the simplicity of the designs.

The thing is, the deck of most longboards from this brand ends up not being as good as others. You get what you pay for, that’s the saying. And Atom follows it completely. A board from this brand won’t break in the middle of the street while going downhill, but it won’t be as long-lasting as other brands.


  • Superb price for the quality you’re getting
  • Excellent designs with simplicity that makes it perfect for beginners
  • Offers a wide array of skating products including other types of boards
  • Hugely reliable builds for the cost
  • High-quality trucks & bearings despite its affordability

3. Quest

While the previous brands are on the lower end and manage to offer excellent boards without issues, Quest is the one that stands out the most. Not because its prices are the best even though they are close, but because the quality of all the builds is merely incredible.

A Quest longboard will come with a superb truck, a solid deck, top-notch bearings, and unbeatable wheels. You get an entire quality-oriented board that works either with beginners or more experienced skateboarders.

The design of a longboard from this brand will leave nothing to be desired. You get an excellent nose, high tail, and reliable parts all around. Whether you want to use its boards for cruising or going downhill, this brand doesn’t disappoint with quality and experience.

More so, the different options available are a great advantage you get with Quest. Considering the freestyle, and commuting designs alongside the downhill-special boards, there will be hundreds of opportunities you can pick from.

Quest stands out for all this and more. You can even replace some of the parts and create custom designs using components from the same brand. This makes it even better entirely, as you’ll have an even enhanced experience as a DIY boarder.


  • Outstanding builds for reliability & versatility
  • Smooth riding and comfort in all its designs
  • Very affordable despite the superb quality
  • Offers the chance for improvement/modification if needed
  • Works for any kind of skater including beginners & experienced ones

4. Landyachtz

Among the premium brands of longboard, you’ll find Ladyachtz. It is a brand that delivers quality over anything else since they started back in 1997. Every board this brand makes exerts superior results, including the most reliable decks, long-lasting bearings, and superb wheels and trucks.

Every longboard goes under strict quality checks, from the way the wheels roll to the strength of the trucks and more. You don’t have to worry when getting one of these because it is almost impossible to get something that will disappoint you.

The best about this brand is that along with quality boards, you may also get other components such as trucks and wheels. Actually, Landyachtz is owner of the Bear and Hawgs component brands, so you can have an idea of their quality but also how big and strict it is when it comes to results.

Whatever you’re looking for, Landyachtz offers it and with an outstanding quality overall. Even with the cheapest of options, you can still get a product that doesn’t let you down. Especially when it comes to downhill longboards, this brand stands out easily.

But precisely because it does everything well and provide some of the most long-lasting and good-looking board designs, this brand is also one of the most expensive you can pick. If you are a beginner, you won’t find the costs pleasurable. But as a premium or an expert user, this brand will work wonders.


  • Unique and good-looking designs for all kinds of users
  • Excellent array of components that you can replace & modify
  • Expensive costs that translate into unbeatable quality overall
  • Top-notch set of parts for a highly reliable rides
  • An ideal option for experienced users who want superb quality

5. Arbor

Arbor is another of the most popular longboard brands you can find. It stands out mostly for the designs and amazing looks it offers, but most of all because Arbor provides the most sustainable & ecological options out there.

The owners decided to make a brand back in 1995 that didn’t specialize in longboards exactly, but after some time the market asked them for it. After a few years, Arbor became one of the most famous names when it comes to longboard, thanks to the quality and designs of its board.

Nowadays, Arbor is an excellent choice not only because it still manages to offer such quality & exciting designs, but also because the brand builds boards from recycled materials and using sustainable sources. So you could say it is not only what this brand offers, but also what it means.

The brand partners with Paris for the trucks and Sucrose Initiative for the wheels so you can expect high-quality components as well. What makes this brand even more unique is the ability to pair up all kinds of designs and parts with specific sets of users, including beginners, experts, and luxury ones.

So you are getting excellent results in every way you look with Arbor. And the costs of its longboards are still affordable, despite being around the high-end range. You’ll find excellent options nonetheless, including cruising, freestyle, and many other types.


  • Unique builds with recyclable & sustainable materials
  • High-end quality on every component for reliability
  • Decent costs despite the fantastic quality overall
  • A hugely versatile array of designs for different users
  • Popular and prestigious name on the extreme sports niche

6. Yocaher

Yocaher makes the most durable and reliable longboards you can get. Not only they offer superb construction that you can enjoy for years, but also makes it easy to maintain. Even getting the board out of the box you won’t have to do much as it comes pre-assembled for immediate use.

Cruising or freestyling with a Yocaher longboard is no problem. You can rely on its fantastic build and always get the results and smoothness you want. Even for the hardest and most demanding of activities, a board from this brand doesn’t disappoint.

The quality is premium in every aspect. You get chrome bearings in some models, aluminum alloy in the trucks for heavy-duty use, and moderate to strong flex in the deck. But in most models, you also get an easy-to-use and robust design you can enjoy no matter the situation, thanks to its excellent set of parts.

If you are in search of a longboard that lasts for years and keeps working even under the most demanding situations, then you need a Yocaher longboard. Despite not being the most affordable, they are still a great choice for beginners. So you have twice the quality there.


  • Offers straightforward designs for beginners and young users
  • Top-notch quality build with excellent parts for more durability
  • Most boards are easy to control and achieve high speed
  • Friendly & functional designs for all kinds of users
  • Several models come pre-assembled out of the box

7. Loaded

When we talk about the power of determination and struggle, not many brands fit such profile as Loaded does. Loaded is among the best longboard brands for cruising nowadays, but it wasn’t always like that.

At first, when the brand started back in 2000, it spent months and years struggling to achieve positive cash flow. Today, Loaded is easily among the most popular options you can get, and coming directly from California, this brand gained star-level popularity in a matter of years.

Even famous people and professional skaters know what Loaded is all about. You won’t find any low-quality or ugly board from Loaded. All you’ll find is top-notch designs, magnificent builds, and the smoothest and most enjoyable longboards out there.

You can find Loaded longboards for dancing, freeride, downhill, and even freestyle – all of them with super constructions and designs that will impress anyone. Even the lowest-priced option for this brand is far better than the best of many other brands so you can expect the utmost results in every piece.

This brand even owns Orangatang, the famous wheel maker. Just for this, you can expect exceptional results with a Loaded longboard. There’s nothing about it to complain about. Even when it has high prices, you can completely agree that they’re all worth it.


  • Fantastic premium-build quality for durability & great results
  • First-grade set of components for a more reliable option overall
  • A hugely versatile array of designs for different types of uses
  • Works well for either beginners or experts; thanks to straightforward designs
  • Favorite brand of many professionals and high-end users

8. Santa Cruz

When it comes to prestige, there’s probably no competitor for Santa Cruz. A brand that started back in the 70s is easily the oldest brand of longboards, and with that age as a company, you can expect the most comfortable, smooth, and dependable options out there.

Among the many famous longboard brands you will find, none is as popular as Santa Cruz. Not because it manages to offer high-quality options for all kinds of users, but because Santa Cruz is a staple of the market due to how long it has been selling this kind of board.

Still, this brand doesn’t focus entirely on longboards so you can get a few models that aren’t the most reliable or long-lasting out there. But Santa Cruz partners with brands such as Road Rider, OJ Wheels, and Independent, so you can expect components of the highest quality without being that expensive.

Any skater can get great results with a board from this brand, not only because they offer great quality but because the cost is not as high as other brands. Beginners will not adore Santa Cruz longboards for being cheap which they are not, but because they offer excellent quality without breaking the wallet.


  • Exceptional build quality for reliable and long-lasting products
  • Amazing price for the model quality you’re getting
  • A superb choice for beginners and experts alike
  • Several years in the market so you can expect well-made boards
  • Partners with several high-quality parts brands for incredible results

9. Penny

Few brands offer such classical designs without going over the top as Penny does. It is one of the best longboarding companies, for the simple fact that it doesn’t let anything behind when it comes to designs and performance. The boards are beautiful and unique, smooth, stable, and fast.

If you are someone in search of highly enjoyable riding experience, then a Penny longboard will probably meet all your needs. It focuses on quality over anything else, but it still manages to offer fairly decent prices even for the premium models.

The designs go from colorful graphics to plain solid colors, yet all of them come with highly reliable constructions & set of components. But what really makes Penny stand out is the ability to customize almost all models without having to be an expert. They help beginners become experts.

Whoever you are and whatever the type of longboarding you are looking for, Penny will not let you down. The boards are durable, comfortable to use, reliable in difficult situations, and good-looking. There’s just nothing else to ask from this brand.

10. Globe

Not many longboard companies have the prestige, and popularity Globe holds. But it is not because Globe focuses on longboards, but because it makes all kinds of skateboarding, surfing, and even clothing & footwear products. This brand offers it all, and its longboards don’t disappoint.

And all this comes from a brand that started back in the 80s in Australia. You wouldn’t say it is a common origin, especially at such times. But this brand thrived and surged as one of the most reliable out there. Today it offers everything, with thousands of longboard models to pick.

But this brand comes like a high-quality option still offering decent prices for both low-end and high-end users. Once you start browsing the extensive catalog of longboards, you can start experiencing how good this brand is when it comes to designs and builds, and all of that without being its primary focus.

Choosing a Globe longboard is not a wrong choice, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an already experienced skater. You’ll be getting a prestigious and reliable brand entirely, as well as a wide array of other clothing, footwear and skating products to enjoy.


  • Decades delivering skate products that make them a reliable brand
  • Manages to offer superb quality in build & components
  • Provides a broad set of other items in many different industries & marketplaces
  • Comes with fair prices despite the prestige & excellent models
  • Thousands of models to pick from that fit all types of users

Bottom Line

Choosing longboard brands is not an easy choice. When you’re out there looking for a reliable, smooth, and performance-oriented longboard, you may eventually get overwhelmed with the many options you’ll see. And that can be frustrating, especially when you’re a beginner with little to no experience.

That’s when knowing about the best longboard brands out there will come useful. Just with a quick read of this article, you’ll learn enough to understand what brand fits your needs the most. Focus on picking the best option range between quality and price, and you’ll be getting the ideal product.

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