12 Marvelous Gifts for Longboarders – Number 3 is the Best

Finding the best gifts for a longboarder is not that easy as you might have been thinking.

Particularly, if you don’t have any idea about what a longboarder likes and dislikes, then you would end up pouring money down the drain.

But don’t get troubled.

To make your life easy, I’ve come with a list of 12 best gifts for a longboarder that you can gift without a second thought.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive in. Shall we?

12 Best Gifts for Longboarders

If you want to gift something super handy to your beloved longboarder, then this longboard carrying bag is the best bet for you.

It offers enough space for carrying your longboard as well as some of your protective gear in it.

It’s a 39” long, 12” wide, and 6.5” tall carrying bag. You can extend the length up to 44”.

This bag is equipped with everything that a carrying bag requires, for instance, two D-rings, two handles, an address cardholder, a high-quality outer shell, two duraflex adjusters.


Every longboarder would love to wear a custom longboarding t-shirt. This particular t-shirt would be a great gift to fulfill his/her desire.

You have multiple colors available for this 100% cotton t-shirt. I’ve found a [amazon link=”B07WD99938″ title=” hoodie version” /] of this t-shirt too.

Don’t worry about quality. These are some perfectly tailored shirts you won’t regret gifting to your loved longboarders.

A longboard wall rack is another handy object like a longboard carrying board.

This wall rack is capable of holding up to 3 full-sized longboards. It comes with all the hardware and super easy to install.

I must admire the strength of this wall rack.

Any longboarder would love this gift, who likes to show off their favorite boards.

Sliding gloves is one of the must-have protective gear for longboarders. Therefore, good-quality sliding gloves will surely get butterflies in their stomachs.

This particular Triple 8 longboard sliding gloves provide tear-resistant replaceable fingertips, thumb puck, and palm puck.

It also offers a high-quality velcro strap to adjust the fitting effortlessly.

All in all, this one is a durable and useful protective gear. It won’t break your bank to buy these sliding gloves.

A longboard is nothing without a deck. That’s why a longboard deck can be an excellent gift for longboarders.

Many longboarders like to make a custom longboard for them rather than buying a complete longboard. This deck has all the upsides to become a good cruiser deck.

This is a high-quality, bamboo longboard deck. It’s 38.75” long, and 9.65” wide.

Bearing is another soul part of a longboard. Bones bearings are the most popular bearing amongst the longboarders.

This pre-lubricated bearing offers less friction and natural clearing due to the removable, non-contact rubber shield.

It gets strength and speed from the high-speed nylon ball and is altogether one of the high demanding longboard bearing on the market.

No longboarder should go out without wearing a helmet. Otherwise, they would end up with a deadly injury.

So, a helmet is another protective gear that every longboarder uses.

Monata Helmet is equipped with all the protective and comfort features that you expect from a quality helmet.

It is equipped with a high-density ABS shell, EPS foam for extra protection, 11 passive ventilation holes to keep someone cool in hot weather.

You can adjust the helmet using the adjustable strap to fit your size. It’s also offering a microfiber lining to give comfort to your forehead.

When it’s about buying a pair of knee pads, I first look if it’s low profile or not because a low profile knee pad gives me comfort under any clothing.

This knee pad from G-Form provides low-profile sleek pads that you can fit under any clothing.

G-Form makes these pads using their proprietary RPT technology to make the pads soft and flexible.

You have multiple sizes to choose from for this pair of knee pads. So, yes, this is another good option you may consider gifting for the protection of your loved longboarders.

Bearing cleaning is one of the must-do points on someone’s longboard maintenance checklist.

That’s why any longboarder would love this as a gift.

This bearing cleaner from Bones makes life easy for cleaning bearing effortlessly, and it’s compatible with all types of longboard bearings.

10. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels

If you gift some fancy yet useful wheels to your beloved longboarders, I think he/she would like it without a second thought.

This pair of 70mm, 78a Shark wheels looks cool and has several colors to select.

It offers excellent grip and control and runs with speed but less friction. The shape of this pair of wheels is a bit different than other traditional wheels. So, altogether, it could be a unique gift for any longboarder.

This one is a reverse kingpin longboard truck offering a 50-degree baseplate, which is a perfect combination for almost all modern-day longboard trucks.

Again, you have a lot of color options to choose from, and you can buy the truck with Bones bearings or without bearings.

It comes with 89a durometer bushings.

My last but not least gift idea is a high-quality elbow protector.

Venum Kontact elbow protector is crafted with high-quality cotton and offers maximum protection.

You will get a velcro closure to make it fit properly.

Final Words

Let’s recap.

I’ve shortlisted 12 best gifts for longboarders in this article. All of them excel in quality and offer a reasonable price for the class.

No matter which gift you choose from this list, for sure, you will be able to make a longboarder happy with it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Share the love with your beloved longboarders and amazed them with these cool gifts.

Please comment below for suggesting me some more gift ideas, if I missed any.

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