(Top 5) Best Drop Deck Longboards for 2022

Do you often face an excessive center of gravity while riding the longboard? Getting fatigued by using a regular longboard? Then a drop deck longboard might be the best solution for you among different types of longboards. If you’re looking for something comfortable, which will pass the highest distance without giving any unnecessary extra effort, then this article may be helpful for you.

Here, I’ve listed the top five best drop deck longboards by keeping some necessary unique features in mind.

They are:

  • The low height of the deck from the ground.
  • Concave shape to get steadiness.
  • Good quality trucks and wheels.
  • It helps to decrease the center of gravity.
  • This longboard comes in fully assembled packaging.
  • Unique plain and printed graphic designs.
  • The components can be replaced even if a single one gets damaged.

5 Best Drop Deck Longboards Reviews

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch


  • The deck is made of ply maple.
  • The shaded blue triangle graphic design will blow your mind away.
  • The bearings and the wheels of the Atom drop deck longboard roll smoothly.
  • Beginners can choose this board without having any doubt.
  • The deck height is low from the ground, and that’s why a rider can kick the surface quickly.
  • You can adjust the trucks or loosen them whenever you want.
  • Comes with a super firm grip tape.
  • The carving ability of this longboard is stunning.
  • You will get this drop deck at an affordable price
  • Can take weights up to 275 lbs


  • Some users’ reviews show that they had to loosen up the wheels.
  • Some find the bushings a little too soft, but you can replace that anytime you want.

One of the reasons behind keeping this board on top of the list is this board is super novice-friendly. Everyone can ride this board from children to adults without having any doubt of facing a sudden accident. The deck height from the ground is pretty short, and that’s why this drop deck longboard can be the choice as a gift to your young family members or friends.

The trucks and wheels are well built because a rider can ride the longboard on any kind of surface like asphalt, concrete, bumpy roads, etc. The bearings and the wheels will provide you with the most effortless rolling experience.

Some users may find the wheels a bit too tight as they come in that condition. But there is always another option; you can easily loosen up the wheel nuts and make this board ready for rolling. Users’ reviews show that even people of height 6 feet 2 inches can write this board due to its appropriate flex. Gliding on the ground while riding becomes as flat as a pancake due to its short height from the floor.

Another thing that must be brought in front of everyone is the grip tape. The grip tape of this board has very positive feedback because of its high gripping quality. This is the best drop deck longboard because it fully supports the rider’s weight, especially the dropdown design helps to keep balance and ride effortlessly. So, undoubtedly, this longboard is recommended to any heavier riders.

2. Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard


  • It is recommended to those riders who prefer a more extended deck.
  • It is specially built with sustainably sourced Canadian maple wood.
  • Turning capability of this board is preferable by many teenagers.
  • The whole package of longboard comes in all assembled mode.
  • Inbuilt upgraded push power ability provided by the symmetrical drop deck shape
  • Undoubtedly, straightforward designs will attract you if you are into basic graphics and soothing colors.
  • The eye calming colors are a great feature as these are acceptable in all areas, including proper places and institutions.
  • The wheels and other components can be replaced according to your preference.


  • Sometimes the users find the wheels too tight, which creates hinders while rolling.
  • The package comes with many unnecessary plastic wrappers that may not be liked by people who are into eco-friendly materials.

Retrospec Tidal drop deck longboard provides a balanced riding experience with its symmetrical longboard shape and lessens the risk of wheel bite by almost 80 percent while carving. The producing company claims that they provide the highest durability and toughness with a unique modern design, with a vintage vibe, that’s precision ball bearings. These are highly appropriate for the highest speed and can help you explore all the adventurous from your bucket list.

This deck is 41 inches and made from sustainable Canadian maple, which always holds your focus tight while riding. When there is no tension of falling, then what’s the output of getting scared unnecessarily? Enjoy your ride to the fullest with this fantastic drop deck buddy.

Optimal balance is one of the main features of this uniquely designed longboard, and its low deck provides it at its best. Due to the longboard’s low deck, the center of gravity reduces while riding, and it becomes easier to keep the balance and control it. Securing the rider’s feet properly on the deck is another prominent feature every drop that long both should have. You will get extra gravity grip tape with the package. The OS780 grip tape helps you balance the space and glide around the whole town without having the tension of falling or losing the balance from the board.

Its highly rebounded bushings and 85A PU wheels are always here to keep you going, and their motto is never to stop you from the hinders. To keep you going, they have provided the wheels with maximum shock-absorbent quality, which will make your ride smoother.

3. Atom Drop Deck Longboard


  • This longboard comes with a fully laminated maple wood deck.
  • You will get a reverse kingpin with the longboard.
  • You will get an 80s grip tape of fantastic quality.
  • Other components are built with better and higher quality materials.
  • The company maintains top-notch quality and packaging.
  • A combination of bright orange and black graphics attract a lot.
  • Best for downhill as this board provides the highest stability.
  • It goes a long way with a slight push.
  • It has the maximum power to eliminate the wheel bite created while longboarding.
  • The producing company provides a one-year guarantee against any kind of defects of this drop deck longboard.


  • Some uses of unfound cosmetic blemishes on the board with the package.
  • The grip tape tends to get removed from the actual place.

Atom drop deck longboard is an innovative production of DMS, and they’ve been producing thousands of mount boarding, longboarding, skateboarding, and products like this for many years since 1993. Their main motive is to come up with the best deck to satisfy the customers. This board is an excellent example of its output, and the users’ reviews show that the users are recommending this very board to others as well.

Atom longboard provides the highest performance and durability of all its components.

Drop deck longboard is at the top of the preferred list of many beginner and advanced riders because of its capability to cross the surface at the highest speed. An excellent downhill maple longboard for downhill riding, and you can freely roam around your town and college campus at the highest speed with slight kicks. You can choose this board as your best travel buddy as you can cross a long distance without having any significant issues.

This Atom drop deck longboard gives the highest stability and is excellent for carving. Its unique parameter shape gives massive leverage in every single turn. Eventually, the wheelbase is decreased at a significant rate. The craftsman and skilled finishing is an excellent source of positivity to its users.

The unbelievably affordable pricing of this board is a great deal, and if you want, you can replace or change the wheels and bearings according to your riding preferences.

4. Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Drop Down Skateboards Longboard


  • An appropriate longboard deck for newbie riders.
  • The deck is built with 9-ply maple wood, which provides the utmost durability.
  • The grip is sticky and perfectly attached to the deck.
  • Riders of all ages can perform better due to the better gripping quality of the tape.
  • You’ll get aluminum alloy trucks, hangers, cushions, kingpins, etc.
  • All the components are built strongly to perform their tasks well.
  • The 70mm Qball rubber wheels can surpass any kind of rough surface.
  • Its drop deck shape and durability are beyond perfect for riders of all ages.


  • The bearings may not be appropriate for those riders who want the most outstanding bearings.

Yocaher blank checker longboard comes with all the necessary specifications for an ideal drop deck longboard. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best drop deck longboards in the market. The shape of the board is super convenient for the new learners. The grip tape of the deck is adhesively sticky, and this grip helps the riders to perform more complex tricks and tactics. The aluminum alloy of the longboard trucks, the kingpin trucks, and the 90A PU rubber wheels are suitable for carving on the road perfectly.

The customers’ reviews show that the trucks of this board are great for maintaining stability while longboarding. The unique drop deck shape of the board provides the lowest possible center of gravity which is 10/10 in the case of a longboard. The lesser the center of gravity, the smoother the ride. The light wooden deck is perfect for downhill riding, and this maple deck is highly appropriate for higher speed within a few seconds.

Avoiding wheel bite is one of the main features of a drop deck longboard. Yocaherr blank checker longboard’s specially designed top-mounted trucks and the cutout shape at the nose and tail work great to avoid any kind of wheel bite during longboarding. Maximum customers’ positive feedback gives a fabulous hint about its quality. Moreover, it’s a great deal at such an affordable price.

5. RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard


  • You will get a smooth ride with the PU wheels and the highspeed bearings.
  • The deck is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, so enough space to keep feet and glide with no worry.
  • The deck is shaped symmetrical and concave to increase control over the board.
  • Rimable drop deck board reduces the center gravity.
  • Best for cruising, carving, and roaming freely.
  • The bushings and wheels are excellent for higher speed.
  • This board comes with better safety for turning.
  • The durability of this longboard is remarkable
  • The lower deck keeps all the fatigue away.


  • This longboard may seem a bit pricy.
  • Bearings may need to be set up for more effortless gliding.

A rider can cruise and roam around the town without fear of any unwanted accident as the board’s producing company solely focuses on maximum stability and durability. The deck is built with 9-ply maple wood and is pretty durable. The longboard comes in a fully assembled way, and you don’t have to put extra effort and time into assembling the product. The PU soft wheels are considerable enough to glide like butter on any surface, even on the cracked ones.

This super longer and broader board is appropriate for riders of any size and height. Users’ reviews show that people up to 230 lbs can ride the board due to its fantastic flex. Another essential feature of this board is its design. The prints and graphics are vibrant and colorful; it can be an excellent option for gifts.

You don’t have to push harder on this board to move forward because its concave deck keeps the stability and the short length from the ground helps to go ahead by not giving any fatigue like the regular boards. You can be a master of carving by using this board and learning new techniques of longboarding within a short time. The electrostatic trucks and the smooth bearings are some of the main reasons for keeping a hand on this board. So, you can already assume that its features are excellent, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best drop deck longboards in the current market.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have already read this article, and you will consider buying any of the five listed best drop deck longboards. If you want smooth rides without facing excessive wheel bite, any among these will be an excellent choice for you. You can choose this downhill board if you are into the downhill type of riding. I have listed out these boards, especially thinking about beginner riders’ perspectives to get a comfortable ride.

You can explore and be adventurous by using any of the above-mentioned boards. If you want to have something vibrant and colorful in your collection, then number five can be an excellent choice for you; it is the most expensive one as well. If budget becomes an issue, you can go for any from one to four. Any among numbers two, four, and five can be considered if you want any extended and more prolonged deck. These drop deck longboards are more well built and structured than regular skateboards. So, don’t think much; if you want to get rid of all kinds of unwanted fatigue, then get any among these downhill longboards and get the taste of riding freely.

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