(Top 4) Atom Longboard Reviews [for 2022]- for Different Riding Styles

Hi! You must be looking for a perfect longboard that doesn’t fail prematurely.

I know! From the rush of branded and non-branded longboards, to choose one is a bit laborious.

Yeah, I thought so. But honestly, it’s easier than you think!

All you have to do now is, read this article watchfully, then try to match your requirements with the Atom longboards.

I have done tough research on Atom longboards and then separated the top four most excellent longboards for you.

Depending on the place and your riding style, you have to choose the best longboard for you.

I am helping you to share the tangible lines to shortlist the 4 longboards from the others –

  • The primary material of the deck.
  • Quality of the wheels and bearings.
  • The truck and wheelbase.
  • For which riding style is designed for.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Quality and performance.

Let’s go through the Review of the top-notch Atom longboards.

4 Best Atom Longboard Reviews

  1. Atom Drop Through Longboard Review


  • Meet your craving for an ideal carving in downhill rides with Atom Drop Through ultra-low-riding longboard.
  • The ease of pushing is perfect for long-distance downhill riding or just kicking around the town.
  • Atom Drop Through is designed as a unique perimeter shape to eliminate the wheel bite into every turn.
  • You would get generous support with the trucks and reverse kingpin.
  • It would give you a little more balance than the others.
  • The primary material is a mix of maple and bamboo, which makes this one commendable lightweight and durable.
  • To enrich your security issue, it promises no wheel bytes.
  • This versatile, durable longboard is a pretty good combination of handy features with competitive pricing.
  • The Atom Drop Through is armed with ABEC 9 bearings and high-speed wheels. These things made this longboard more speedy, comfortable, and smooth.
  • Its grip is excellent. It would surely provide the perfect bang for your buck.


  • Some people say it’s a wider deck. It is labored to control the board for beginners. But it has a perfect concave to give support.


Believe it or not, this longboard is blessed with a broad deck with an awfully comfortable concave to ride with confidence and comfort.

All the hardware is heavy-duty to meet your requirement of longevity.

And the best part? Turning with this board during your downhill riding is much and easier now.

Oho! Don’t forget about its simply excellent graphics.

There’s more! You don’t need to take any hassles of installation. This one comes fully assembled.

  1. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard Review


  • The 8 ply maple construction makes this deck superb durable and ensures your confident riding.
  • Its simple graphic gives it a smarter look.
  • The combination of standard kingpins, trucks, and wheelbase made this pin-tail longboard very much durable and gave you the challenge to ride freely.
  • Don’t worry if you are just learning to push. Atom pin-tail is an excellent entry-level longboard.
  • No doubt about the performance. Feel free to bomb the big one; whether you’re, the wheels give you the freedom.
  • Needless to say, the 9″ wide deck allows you to push fearlessly.
  • It is available at a pretty great price.
  • The classic deck has a pin-tail shape and a concave cross-section. This means to have a blast! Carving a breeze is much and more enjoyable with this longboard.
  • Another great news is, it comes fully assembled.
  • One important thing here is the bearings. The ABEC 5 bearing made this one superb to run at a very high speed.


  • Someone told me one bearing got loose after using it for several days. If any hardware gets loose, then fixing it is just a matter of a moment. However, it is not usual to get loose things. It is a very high-quality longboard.


Are you thinking of starting longboarding?

Then this pin-tail longboard is mainly designed for you. It has the perfect blend of performance and price.

The classic wider deck with a pintail shape made it perfect for the carving.

Don’t miss the extra-long wheelbase. It guarantees stability and comfort in freeriding.

Do you know this longboard is so perfectly engineered that it’s hard to go wrong with this board?

All the hardware and bearings are correctly joined here to ensure your security and comfort. However, we’ve got the point of loosening the bearings. We might overlook this thing for the other big shots.

  1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review


  • This is an ultra-low-riding longboard to get the earth more down and closer.
  • Ensures maximum stability for your downhill ride.
  • It is designed for meeting downhill riders cravings wildly.
  • The ease of pushing is incredibly perfect for long-distance riding, or you may just kick around your campus.
  • It has the distinctive perimeter shape to increase the leverage into every turn and get a release from wheel bites.
  • With the heavy-duty wheelbase and the trucks, it marks up the longevity.
  • The deck is 9.5″ wide. This deck won the attention and took responsibility for your riding comfort.
  • 9-Ply maple made this one incredibly strong.
  • The laminated heat transfer graphic gives this one a pretty cool look and feel.
  • The wheel is an essential part of the longboard. Here are the Atom wide lip wheels.
  • Rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings multiply its speed and boost the performance.
  • Furthermore, the grip indicates maximum durability.
  • And yes, you will get this one fully assembled.


  • The trucks are deadly- one rider told like this. I mentioned before; the trucks are very heavy duty here to mark up the longevity.


Just imagine!

You would enjoy the downhill riding much and more confidently, and of course, it would be a comfortable one.

It would hold up all the punishments if you put it through the ride. From falling downstairs to smashing into curbs, it will make maximum fun with minimal damage.

How is this so durable?

Well, you know about its maple construction, the wheels, and the bearings. These things made this one extremely stable.

Don’t miss the heavy-duty trucks. They are not poor to regret, and also, the Atom Drop Deck longboard would surely give you much fun on a minimum budget.

  1. Atom All-Terrain Longboard Review


  • Now you are in the range of no range! Actually, you don’t need to think about the area of longboard riding. Atom discovered the All-Terrain longboard for riding freely anytime, anywhere in any style.
  • Look at the key feature. The all-terrain wheels pitch with super-high-rebound urethane. This perfect blend confirms not only on-road speed but also off-road traction.
  • The deck is made of 10 ply maple-lam to ensure sturdiness for your confident riding.
  • As the longboard belongs to a drop deck, it would surely keep the center of gravity low for pushing.
  • Let’s talk about the trucks. The base, aluminum hangers, and reverse kingpins made its trucks much more stable for All-Terrain longboarding.
  • The rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings made this one especially speedy for your terrain with fewer rides.
  • Atom All-Terrain longboard holds a super coarse off-road grip.
  • You will get it fully assembled.


  • The wheels at any end may make creaky noises. It may happen eventually if any specks of dust get stuck in the bearings.


Want to ride beyond limitations?

Atom has broken the convention by building the All-Terrain longboard.

Now the range or style is not mandatory for riding longboards.

Look! The wheels are special here. They are of excellent quality. Not only the trucks and wheelbases are lower, but also nothing to hesitate about the bearings.

Furthermore, the drop deck of maple-lam keeps going through the feel closer to the ground and ensures central low gravity, which leads to a very confident, risk-free, and fun ride.

Remember? The wheels may eventually make noises. If you clean your longboard regularly, it will give the best performance as it is designed to.

Atom as a Brand

Atom entered the longboard market in 2005.

It’s not a foggy thing at all.

However, it gained a huge percentage of the top-notch longboard and skateboard’s entry-level market.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

It has created space in the market by delivering considerable bang for the customers’ budgets.

Not only the budget, but another essential matter is also that they are maintaining the best quality of products from the very beginning.

Atom is now a unique brand in the longboard market. Earning such a reputation is not so easy.

Admit it! They are producing noticeable unusual designs and qualitative materials.

If you are a little bit choosy and concerned about your wallet, then Atom is the best choice for you. It guarantees the best quality with the lowest budget.

Final Verdict

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it.

Atom guarantees durable and high-quality longboards.

Needless to say, their collection is full of unique, designed longboards with multiple benefits.

Most importantly, the prices are very much beginner-friendly. It doesn’t mean that they deliver lower quality.

They ensure durability and longevity.

From the beginners to the expert longboarders, atom longboards are top-rated and the most used longboard. All are remarkably flexible and safe for any kind of ride.

They offer to perform better tricks confidently and enjoy abundantly.

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